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July 16, 2012



I can imagine it was wonderful as a child, sitting there en reading. Great chair, of course you should keep it. Makes sense your mind is still full with thoughts of your mother and sadness too. I just read your other post too, about listing items. Don't put too much pressure on yourself, one day at a time!



Fabulous Egg Chair! What a find!

more about chairs

Fine so I am redoing my space and I would definitely really love
an Egg Chair that is white on the outside and a neon pink, green, or perhaps a purple
on the inside. I don't need to have to spend a good deal of cash but are there any cheap ones out there. Thanks..

bathroom sinks

Thrift Share Monday - a 10 year search
This is marvelous! Thanks for putting up such very good stuff! It is pretty ideal for everyone.

Our Green Nest

WOW what an incredible price for that chair! Lucky girl. We went to Antique Wknd here in Texas over the weekend, I'll post pics of our finds tonight. Some fun little stuff!

We want the electricity carried by the pylons without being willing to pay the price in terms of visual impact. But burying all the cables would be far too expensive, although (as long as someone else is paying) this remains a popular option in Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

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