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August 01, 2012



Good luck! I so wish I was there!!!


Congratulations on your new venture, Selena! I think it's a great idea. The Antique Society is the most fun of all our local antique stores, and I look forward to seeing your space! Mainly because I love your taste and style.
By the way, my brother Glen has a cabinetry shop right behind the Antique Society.
I hope to make it in soon, and for sure to your open house!


Very cool, Selena! Toasting to your new adventure!


You're going through so much these days. A huge move, your beloved mother's funeral, opening this new retail area. I would suggest to you to take it easy and do what you can to relax, but I know that the reselling is the balm to your soul.

For all you are * not * saying to your readers, for all the private tears, I know I can speak for all of your admirers that we give you a big hug and send our love.


Is there a place to go for advice on renting an antique booth? They are so expensive (to me, anyway) that I am afraid I will set up a booth and not even make enough money to pay the rent. Also, how do you decide on prices for your items? That is my biggest fear, knowing what to price stuff!

Kristen @ Babe With a Budget

This sounds so perfect for you! I wish you the best of luck in your new adventure!

A La Modern

That's great you're opening your antique mall space! Wish we were local so I could stop by for the opening.

I've experienced the same imbalance with buying inventory vs. listing it. Have been thinking of getting a booth for years now, in order to help with storage and cut down on the listing time. It'll definitely help for the bigger and bulkier items. The problem for us is that the booths are so expensive.. as you said, it would be the highest ReSelling cost (by far). I still haven't counted it out though, and will be interested to see how you do!


I'd be interested in joining you at your open house! Congrats on moving up to the bigger space - that's exciting...


Congratulations! I'm sure you'll do well!
I have a booth in Lodi, Calif and have been in it for about 3 years. There are definitely pros & cons. I love being able to just take something straight to the store from Sat morning g-sales. (And I will occasionally list an item on CL to bring people in the store.) Only con is the occasional theft, unfortunately.
Would love to attend your open house, as I am from the bay area & have family there.
Good luck!


Congratulations! Antique Society is my all-time favorite antique mall--I would totally come to your opening!


It sounds like we are a lot alike. Listing online is so incredibly time consuming and I too often suffer from a large inventory due to enjoying BUYING so much! Best of luck in this new venture for you! -diane


Major leap forward!! You are so right about online selling being sooo time consuming, the packing, etc... I think it's great you're setting up a 'real life physical' shop. I bet lots of people will come and have a look and buy your treasures :). Best of luck and will be interested to see how you get on! (My hubby would love a little shop, but the cost versus the online fees is just a little too high still to jump that hurdle, soon maybe!)


Best wishes for much success! I did reselling via rented booth space and really did enjoy it. Sales were pretty good and I liked just having to keep my booth stocked and creatively designed.

Curtains in my Tree

my only advice is Buy cheap Sell cheap at first

seems an older lady told me that once because she said you will get repeat customers often if you start out like that then after you build a good amount of customers you can buy better things with higher prices.
I always keep both , chaep and high priced treasures on hand


My sister and I have had our booth for almost four years. It helps our sales that she passes by the shop after work a few times a week to add and arrange items. We share responsibility for different chores. She buys the linens and I wash and iron them. She goes to the booth more often, but I take care of the website and blog. We both research prices...I guess my suggestion is to share some of the chores with your family. There has only been a few times we didn't sell enough to make the rent, the first couple of months until we were fully stocked. The worst part now is not overstocking...we probably should get another booth...Good luck, you'll love it!

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gagner de l'argent

it's very beautifull! I love your blog!


It must be soo hard to let go of amazing things that you find! But you get to share the treasures with the rest of the world, which must feel special :)


It was so great to meet you yesterday. Your space looks fabulous. And yes, I would definitely attend an open house. Sounds like fun!


Wishing you tons and tons of luck in this new stage of your adventures!


Congratulations! When my daughter and I would thrift, she was constantly asking me where the item I'd fallen in love with would fit in our house....and the answer was usually, sadly, it wouldn't fit. I solved all that by renting a space down at a local antique shop. I love my booth and hope you will have as much fun and joy as I've had with mine.


Good luck! I can't wait to see pictures of the booth when you get it all stocked. I also LOVE the Starburst pattern. I have 12 saucers that I found in a thrift store a few years ago but I've never been able to find anything else that my thrifty wallet would pay for. I would love to have a whole set to use every day *sigh*

maria bergh

Congratulations! Best of luck to you and your new venture!


Wow! I hear you about the computer and everything you mentioned about online selling. I imagine you will enjoy your new venture very much. It will be great meeting your customers face to face, as well as not shipping. I live in the South Bay area. Perhaps I can see your new diggs. :)
Best wishes,
Beth, the EdibleComplex on Etsy
P.S. I'll have to go check out your new blog and FB page.


Good luck! I love having a booth space. My only advice is to change things around often and have lots of smalls. The $10 and under items pay the rent!

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