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August 28, 2012



LOVE those stools. We visited your space at the Antique Society on Sunday. I wanted to move into it. At least sit down at your great table and have a snack. I hope your luck continues and this works out for you!!


Love those stools.They look like they were made for that counter.

Jem @ Beautiful Clutter

I'm always fascinated by your helpful posts on reselling - thank yoy for being a bit of an inspiration on that front :-)

The stools are BRILLIANT! Love!

Jem xXx

Thrift Shopper for Peace

yay! i didn't miss it! i was busy all weekend too at a wedding. love the chairs!

Vintage Scapes

Those stools are great but those sales are even better! I know it takes time to establish a business but I'm very impatient and want to take leaps and bounds instead of baby steps. Your reselling posts are always thoughtful and informative. Can't wait for the next one!

Linden Townhouse

I am a new reader at ATG and have enjoyed reading the archives! I'm putting my big toe in the water, so to speak, and have ventured back to eBay to sell a great deal of my vintage Fisher Price toy collection. (Alas, those obsessions seem to come and go!). All your selling tips are just great. I especially liked the ones in your archives about packaging and shipping. Thanks for sharing so much. Your business is very inspiring!

Joy P

Thanks for hosting. Love joining in. Great bar stool additions. Always enjoy your discussions on running a selling business and learn more every time.


Thanks for hosting. I am glad I can join in. Great bar stools. Very interesting to read about running a business.

Rob Hunt

Thanks for hosting.Glad I could join in.

The Thrifty Picker-Rachael

Amazing find on the stools, so Herman Miller Eames-ish!

Laura Sexton

Your stools look great!
Thanks for hosting this party. I sure love your blog!!

Jennifer @ Decorated Chaos

Thanks for hosting. I look forward to this every week! :)

Jennifer @ Decorated Chaos


The stools look right where they belong! My first thought: does the seat really belong to the frame originally? In a way it looks assembled, but it may be my eyes deceiving me!
Great sales too! Now that summer's (almost) over, it will pick up even more, I'm sure!


thoroughly modern me

Thanks for sharing your daily numbers $$. I'm always curious what people consider to be a good or bad money day in the on-line resale business and having a number of venues does seem to be a great strategy for you. Good luck with your new space.


When do we get a house tour?? :)

Red Umbrella

Oh yeah, we like!

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Being on your feet for 12 hours a day can be hard on a body already stressed by pregnancy.


Very beautiful!I love me!

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