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October 17, 2012


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How wonderful it is to find those rare moments of bliss doing something productive.


I've started making little felt scrap ornaments. It makes me happy, and it keeps from snacking too much at night. I knit, too.


I was intrigued by the name stamped around the tag's hole..Vulcan Quality! I googled "Vulcan Quality Stationery Supplies" and found that line carried in....Missouri!! (I love the detective work in thrifting!)


It's great that something so practical is calming for you. Scrolling through Pinterest helps me sometimes and is almost worse than useless! Love the tags. It makes my OCD senses happy.


it's a blessing that such little things can be so calming. for me, bliss is in the details - i think perhaps it is for you, too :)

Shabby Vintage Junk

Selena your tags are GORGEOUS....!!

I'm glad their production allowed you some 'quiet time'....Hard for us in our line of work I know....!!

Take care Love & try not to overdo it....!!!

Cheers from Oz,
Tamarah :o)

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Hey there! Savez-vous si ils font tous les plugins pour se protéger contre les pirates? Je suis un peu paranoïaque à propos de tout perdre, j'ai travaillé dur sur. Des conseils? Hey there! Savez-vous si ils font tous les plugins pour se protéger contre les pirates? Je suis un peu paranoïaque à propos de tout perdre, j'ai travaillé dur sur. Des conseils?


I'm inspired! What font are you using?


I love the patina on those tags! Beautiful. I'm feeling the same way right now Selena. Super tense, stressed, so much to do it's hard to sleep. But there are little parts of the job that are very relaxing, like crafting new tags, cleaning finds, etc.

Selena Cate

Its called Cocktail font. :-)
xoxo Selena

organic mom

I love those, I can see myself using it as a present tag or even as an identifier tag in our kitchen. Are the tags made with thicker width than average? I get the same feeling though, when I'm wired and stressed, it gets harder to come back to a relaxed state.

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Vaikka olisin parempi jos meni vähän tarkemmin, olen silti saanut ydin mitä tarkoitit. Olen samaa mieltä. Se ei ehkä ole suosittu ajatus, mutta se on järkevää. Varmasti tulla takaisin enemmän tätä. Suuri work.Good työ, ihana blogi ... todella nauttia siitä ja lisätään se minun sosiaaliset kirjanmerkit. Jatkakaa hyvää työtä

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