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October 15, 2012



Sometimes, the days that look the bleakest in the ads are actually when I find the best treasures. I always expect the unexpected when thrifting. :) I like your Lucky sign! There's something charming about it.


Garage sale App? Must look into this!

Selena Cate

Heres a post I did on the igaragesale app :-)
xoxo Selena

Make do mum

A thrifting app? Wish there was a UK version of that!

A La Modern

It's funny you mentioned that thrifting in LA sounded more exciting than thrifting in Sonoma. I'd kill for a change of pace - thrifting up near you would be great. Or thrifting in the Midwest,or anywhere else but here. It's been pretty brutal down here at thrift stores and estates for me.. there are things to be found,but it's been requiring a lot of work. So, definitely grass is greener! ;)


Talk about the grass being greener - I would love to go thrifting in your area! The Portland market is so picked-over and aggressive and overpriced.


Great finds! I love the stocking!

Selena Cate

lets just hope that we are at the end of summer and all those thrifters (not us of course :-) have more things to do. I do find that our local thrift stores are almost empty of anything vintage and fabulous. Not all but its rare these days for me to find something. I think we all need to do a thrifters house swap where we trade areas for a long weekend.


You have some good ideas, I know stuff I put away years ago (like 10) is coming around again a bit so I took 5 boxes in to my booth that I bought at least 10 years ago, tried in my booth and then removed. We'll see. I love reading your blogs (both) and thank you for hosting today.


What?!? No mention of the fantastic article about you in yesterday's paper??

Toot your horn, girlfriend!



Just linked up and wanted to thank you for hosting! Have a great week! Hugs, Penny

Mid Mod Mom

Well, your find for Mod Sonoma were great! We have good days and bad days, don't we? I would be interested in downloading the thrift store app that you talk about. Care to share it? Thanks for hosting.


So glad you are having your Thrift Share Monday party. I love joining in.

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I also love to join your Thrift Share Monday party.

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