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October 08, 2012



What amazing pieces! I'm happy to hear that your new venture is working out well!


congrats on the new venture & you found some awesome finds


Wow-those are great pieces.I could totally see that scale as a display for jewelry or scarves.Can't you just see necklaces or bracelets attached to the horizontal bars?
Those display pieces are neat.I hope you take a picture of them in your space and share.You have such a good eye.


Wow, what excellent finds. The baskets alone would have made my year!!!
Thanks for hosting.

Looking forward to seeing more posts on your retail spaces.


Lakota [Faith hope and Charity Shopping]

Wow those finds will be just amazing for display, I can see why you grabbed them. I hope you don't mind me linking up two posts - my last thrifted finds and also the swap I'm hosting. If it's a problem please delete the second link, but it's all about bloggers sending each other second hand finds for Christmas and is open world wide.


Thanks for hosting the party. ...and I am SO jealous about your baskets and the turquoise shelf! :)



Just a note to say killer finds! Also, I've learned so much from your blog. Thank you for "teaching" through it, your experiences are valuable information to me. And thanks for hosting Thrift Share Monday! I love seeing all of the finds and found several interesting blogs by checking out those that enter. Take care! ~Sherry


Love the aqua shelf! Glad your time at Alameda was profitable and fun. :)

gagner de l'argent

Thanks for sharing!


love ALL of it! You scored some fabulous finds. That blue shelf would look great in a kitchen or as display / organizing in a craft space ;) Way to go!

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