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October 01, 2012



Thanks for hosting! I'm new to this party and am really excited about it. Great find on the table by the way! Jealous!


Are the tiles from the 1940's? Great finds, even if you didn't find a lot!


Oh moon globe! How fabulous! My son would find that so cool :)


I'm thinking the tiles are from the 50's! Love them!!

Mad Maine Vintage

Love them moon - stellar!

Joy P

Hi Selena, thanks for hosting. When I'm thrifting I don't like to see someone else leaving with a box full of things I know I would have bought for resale. Then I have to let the thought go and carry on.

Denise M

Hi Selena, thanks for hosting. I sure like that moon globe. I found another chip n dip set for my collection on the weekend. I am guessing the tiles would be 50's or 60's.


I would guess 50s or 60s on the tiles as well--very cool! Sometimes when I find something, let it go, and find the same thing again I consider it a sign that I was meant to own it. :) Thanks for hosting!

make do mum

Lovely globe, I didn't know you could get moon ones. Those tiles remind me of iced biscuits, they look yummy!

Rob Hunt

Hi Selena; my best thrifting this week was free shingles from the neighbours roof when they replaced their roof - lots of kindling ready for winter house warming (I heat with wood). Thanks for hosting. I think the tiles are from the 60's.


I've started keeping things my husband loves. He's sort of my deciding factor, because I love everything I bring home!


i love that moon globe! I saw one at a space museum last year and have been on the lookout since.
i'm just starting to resell and it is still hard for me to get rid of things to sell. I try to only buy things i LOVE and then it hurts to put them in my case. haha.

Thrift Shopper for Peace

i have never seen a moon globe before! it's fantastic. i'm still looking for an earth globe that lights up. does this moon one light up?
and what will you do with the coffee table? will you sell it as is or refinish it; how do you make that decision?

Selena Cate

this globe is actually made of tin and doesnt light up. I have the most fantastic globe that does light up but its priced rather high because its made of glass. If I find a plastic light up one, Ill let you know. Dave actually loves the coffee table but on the high end its worth around $500. This one with the damage might be $250? So I guess that is the deciding factor. Its going to go to the Antique Society this week.
xoxo Selena

cap creations

very neat tiles! they look 50's to me. thank you for hosting, have a wonderful week.


I have never seen a moon globe before- how awesome and unique!!
Thanks for hosting this party. I sure appreciate it!:)


Thats an awesome globe! ...and as for the tiles, I'm thinking 50s, maybe 60s.

Glad we're having thriftshare monday. Thanks for hosting!

Jennifer @ Decorated Chaos


I'm in love with those tiles.Are you planning on doing anything with the tile samples or are they just display?They would make really cool trivets or framed as art.


I'm glad you found a replacement globe! ;)


love the globe enjoy it


I love the moon globe! Hopefully I'll run across one someday. I have no problem keeping items I like for myself. For me the keepers are what make the thrifting worthwhile. Money from sales is great but finding thing I love is the best part.


That moon is AWESOME. I hope I find one sometime- I love it!


It's so true that thrifting is a form of gambling or risk-taking. You never know what you'll find and sometimes you'll make mistakes but the more you do it the more you'll know when to take the gamble and when to walk away!

prix sac longchamps

God blog ... din blog er meget hjælpsomme ... Jeg er glad for at finde denne post meget nyttigt for mig, da det indeholder mange oplysninger. Jeg foretrækker altid at læse kvalitetsindhold og denne ting jeg fandt i dig skrive. Tak til deling.

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