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January 17, 2013


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This was a very timely entry. I am now boycotting Whole Foods based on recent comments made by the CEO, Mackey. He has alienated a lot of customers! I will miss their birthday cakes and breads, but not the prices. It's Trader Joes for this family now!

Selena Cate

Yes, the timing isnt brilliant. I still am a supporter of organic and natural food and try to make the best decisions for my family. We definitely have to pick our battles with companies and speak our voice when we feel the passion to do so. What I do love about my local store is not necessarily the upper management of the corporation but the people that work in the store, caring about our local community.


Well, as I'm all for savory dishes I'd say Brie with Cardamom Scented Clementine Chutney.
Sure would love to try that!


Satsumas are always my 'go to' out of the two. The water from the fruit works really well with caramelised sugar.

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