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June 24, 2013


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Hi Selena, love the Eames chair. Great addition for your shop. Thanks for hosting.


I would so love to go thrifting with you some weekend. I have an idea that it would be educational in the extreme. :)


bummer. a month of the Eames chair........... oh well, hope you are enjoying your summer!!


Sadly, I haven't been able to get out thrifting much at all lately. However, I did have time to pop into one of my favorite shops the other day and found the cutest coral colored suitcase. It had a few minor wear marks on the outside but the interior was pristine. And inside the had neatly stitched the key to the lining so it wouldn’t get lost. For $3.00 it had to come home with me. Now I keep my sewing in it under the coffee table.


Hi Selena! I just tried to contact you via your "contact me" page, but was given an error message. I hope it's ok if I ask you are quick question here:

My family is getting ready to move (in the next month) from the Puget Sound area (I remember when you and your family lived here!) to Houston, Texas. I wondered if you could give me any tips on how to move in the most frugal way possible. Unfortunately, we don't really have any family or friends that can help us by driving a truck cross country, it's just my husband, my two kids and me. We are seriously having panic attacks at the cost of this move. I wondered how you and your family did it...? Thank you so much for any tips you might have!

Thank you!!

Steph Bond-Hutkin

Oh Selena - the Eames chair!!!! What a score - how fabulous. Keep it!!!

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