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Love that space. It looks gorgeous. And shouldn't it feel like home, since you've lived with most of the stuff around you while storing it prior to getting it in this great space? ;-)


How much are the cathrineholm bowls?!


Your space looks really inviting. I love the tall wooden bookcases you are using for the dishes - it doesn't detract from what you have on display and echoes the color of some of the other wooden things you have in your "room" Wonderful job!


Your space is lovely, Selena. Wishing you much success!


I love it! I wish we lived closer so I could come shop! Best of luck!


It looks great - you have a lot of stuff without it looking cluttered or crazy! I think it looks amazing!


A marvelous array of items! Enough to spark curiosity, yet not so jammed and crowded that the eye/mind is overwhelmed. Color and rhythm that is inviting intriguing. Love the table as a gathering spot. Job well done! Congrats.


The "section" idea is perfect & I also spotted some of your felted art, too! Great placement of them, too! I'm excited to see it in person during my next visit North! Here's to much abundance coming to you!


It looks fantastic! I want to live there! :)

Mad Maine Vintage

Just stunning! You are my favorite interior designer :-)


Bravo Selena! Fully-stocked and selectively curated. I love the pops of aqua and love the globe collection. Well done - many wishes for success!


What a beautiful booth! I have a question for you. For your items in your booth do you still price them similar to pricing items in ebay?

Selena Cate

Thats a great question. For some of my items, I definitely do use eBay as a guide, mostly because a percentage of the items were meant for eBay. Ive tried to mix up my inventory with fabulous Mod inexpensive items such as $5 Japanese mugs and vintage fabric and higher priced designer items like the Porsgrund Pottery. I do realize that my audience is much smaller than eBay because its based on those coming into the shop. At the same time there is no shipping to consider and people buy differently in person vs on-line (typically). Does that make sense?


Yes it does thank you.


Everything looks amazing! You definitely have a good eye for selecting and displaying your items. The best description is that everything looks "curated" rather than just thrown together. Best wishes for a successful venture.

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