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if only I lived closer -- I LOVE THIS!


that is an amazing piece!


Oh, how I wish I lived closer too! You find some of the most amazing things! Thanks for sharing :)

Mad Maine Vintage

I love this piece - stunning is both beauty and efficiency. Let us know when it sells!

Selena Cate

Actually it sold 3 days later. Thanks for asking.


OMG, Selena, I saw this post about a week or so back and thought that secretary was awesome. Something I'd love to own/sell. Then earlier this week I saw what I thought something similar in an estate sale listing. I went...bought it (after the decision to drop more money than I usually spend), then had some second thoughts, came back to this post and saw it was the same exact secretary. I'm so happy I bought it now, and even more excited once I saw that you sold it. I can possibly triple my money (if not then this will be an awesome craft desk). Thank you for the all your post here and at ATG. You are truly an inspiration.

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