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I remember thrifting even as a small child in my mother's arms. As I grew older I would remember hearing my parents share stories of how they thrifted an oak Arts & Crafts piece from a St. Vincent De Paul for only $25. They would walk over to the piece of furniture followed by their visiting guest and share how they had to bring it home with half of it sticking out of their VW van sunroof. Sometimes their stories would intrigue me as they seemed like something out of a book of treasure hunting. I could see their excitement and wanted to experience it myself. Little did I know that 30 years later that my passion in life would revolve around thrifting. It would become my love, my work and my play.

My husband Dave and I have moved our lives around the world in search of the perfect community to raise our children. After searching for twelve years we finally found a place to settle and call home; Sonoma County in Northern California. Our two children, Cerys (pronounced Care-iss, Welsh for love) and Keiran have been in Waldorf education since they were toddlers. Our main reason for thrifting is to save money that allows us to afford sending them to an alternative school. We also have a sweet Corgi dog named Elffin and a spirited tortie cat named Sydney. We are currently looking for rural property in order to put down our roots after our long adventure of deciding where to live. We want to create a somewhat self-sufficient homestead full of pomegranate trees, bees and large gardens. My dream is to have an outdoor kitchen with a covered arbor of grapes in the summer.

When I am not ReSelling thrifted items, I am reading, writing, crafting, learning, cooking and creating new businesses that feed my soul and nurture my spirit.


thrifting & writing.