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August 14, 2006


Carrie Sommer

Holy toledo! What a haul!

Veronica TM

Wow Selena! All those items are great! I can totally understand you being tired, but you scored!
I don't think I can join the challenge right now {Fiona makes it really hard to thrift}, but can't wait to see what everybody shows up with. Great idea!


Yikes!!! you're brave! sounds like it was a feeding frenzy!! but talk about the score of the century!! i'll have to think about your challenge, it's a bit out of my budget...but sounds like fun!

Oona Baker

I stumbled across your blog and have been loving watching your thrift scores unfold! Amazing stuff you found!!!! I am in Portland and know exactly what you mean about the Goodwill outlet. People are ruthless there and way too intense about thrifting (make that ebaying) I love to take my daughter there to discover treasures, but we tend to avoid the crowds.

Anyways, lovely blog. Thank you.


wowsa! Whata stash! I might be up in Seattle the first week of Oct. for the schmancy show. hmmmm


wowsa! Whata stash! I might be up in Seattle the first week of Oct. for the schmancy show. hmmmm


Although your finds look amazing for that price I'm not sure I'd have the stamina for that kind of a shopping spree. Great that you can do it though.


Wow. I am amazed at the stuff. And the patchwork stuff! Love the lemony punchneedle.. that's fun, I have done that.. if you don't have the instructions I can scan them in for you. Wow.. I mean what can you say but WOW.


WOW!! What awesome goodies. We have a small Goodwill outlet have inspired me to go check it out:):) I am totally in on the $99 challenge:)


Im in and love to be challenged on thrift!


I'll certainly give it a shot! Maybe I'll get lucky and stumble on some hidden treasure around here!! You're amazing!


I just reviewed these goodies prepare the boat..Im joining!!!!


PS- I claim you as my partner! HAHAHA LOL :)


I am totally in.. I wish there were cheaper thrift stores in Nor Cal.. This is likely going to force me (oh, say it isn't so...) on some kind of thrifting road trip.. Fan-tastic!


there's a great goodwill "dig" [as it's refered to here lovingly] that has some true blue thrift[ebay]ers too. they get a little intense. but it's a great place to score items.


Holy cow, Son #3 would be green with envy if he knew you scored a Robin Hood costume. He is, you might say, obsessed.

As to the challenge, I'm in, and hereby submit my Clarice Cliff jug, which I see you already noticed!


holy crap! alright, the first day the kids are back in school I'm heading into Seattle. outta my way!


This is so funny that I have just found this post because I JUST got back from The Goodwill Outlet in downtown Nashville. This place has ruined me for all other thrift stores! I regularly leave with a jumbo bag, filled, for under $10.00 + if you shop right, you can knock the price down even more by shopping the daily special (today: clothes .99/lb). You have to love to dig (I do!) but love an amazing deal even more. I'm such an addict. I think I could fill my car for 99.00 (with no room for me to haul it home).
**Added bonus- digging strengthens your arms.


Oh my, I am completely, utterly, hopelessly in love with that vintage quilt with the red, white and blue animals on it. Finding that would have made my "year" I tell ya.


This is my first time to your blog...not sure how I got here...vintage-y bloghopping I guess, but had to comment. When I saw the Raggedy Ann and Andy sheets my heart stopped kiddos all gathered around (they heard my "Oh My Gosh!" *gasp*...and I told them the story of how I had those very sheets and when I was about 4, fell asleep with a big piece of purple bubbleyum in my mouth, and when I woke up the gum was holding me to the sheets by my hair. *ahhhh memories!* My sheet was very faded by the end of my childhood, those look vibrantly new.

Love the chairs too. We had a town dump day where everyone could dump there stuff for free and my husband salvaged 4 chairs (intentionally set to the side) that were in fabulous shape. I agree, one man's trash truly is another man's treasure.

Thanks for sharing your fun thrifty finds and ideas! :)


Geez Louise - I thought I'd hit the big time on Wednesday when my local Goodwill had their 50% off day ...and then I read this! Holy Moley Cow, I have total thrift envy!


WOW! I absolutely ADORE thrift stores but...but... the nearest one to me is more than 100 miles away. That's adds greatly to the purchase price so I don't go very often. Thanks for sharing your thrift store fun. Love the quilts as might could get the stain out with vinegar and sunlight...depending upon the stain.

Please visit Fiber Femmes at and consider writing a story about your thrift store challenge. It sounds like just the thing to "brag" about!


Wow - what a haul! Our Goodwill here in NJ is just horrible! I wish we had some better places.


I am a new blogger and found your site from I think Daisy Cottage. I loved the name as I work at a school and always wear an apron at work. I loved the recount of your goodwill adventure and OH MY GOSH! the wonderful things your found."It was a good day in the neighborhood!" as I like to say. I can't do the challenge now but I am saving up for it. My sister had the Raggedy Ann sheets too. It brought back fun memories.I will visit often, you are a great escape from a world that usually wants only "new and improved" things. Vintage and cherished is definetly better.


I want in your $99 thrift challenge, it sounds fun to me. You got some fantastic bargains esp. those $2.99 chairs, I am pretty envious.
Tell me how to get in on the fun.
: ) Bren

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