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August 14, 2006



Whoa... I am just drooling! A haul like that would have me on a "high" for WEEKS! I had no idea there were Goodwill OUTLETS! I did a mad Google search after reading this post & it doesn't look like there is one within 8 hours of me... boo hoo! Anyway... FANTASTIC thrifting!! Good for you! (And great idea with the $99 Thrift Challenge!)

Kristal Mulder

HOLY CRAP! I feel like I struck gold by coming across this website! I LOVE IT! I love all of your great finds. Especially the duvet cover and those adorable chairs! Hope you don't mind if I come back often? I love it here!!!


Just amazing! Wish we have these kind of stores here in MA. I went to a local Sal. Army store once, and they were selling everything quite expensive. Lucky you.


I am sad I missed this! We have a Goodwill Bargain Bin here in Reno but it is nothing like Portland. Portland is insane! I laughed at your comment about it being a "river full of Piranhas." I completely agree! That is why I like the one in Salem, OR...a little quieter but still good stuff. I'll have to check out Seattle's next time i'm in town. Anyway, I just discovered your blog and am loving it because I too am an avid thrifter. You should totally think of making this $99 Thrift Challenge a yearly event. I'm definitely in if you ever do another! Cheers!


I absolutely love that blue-green quilt. What a find!

I didn't know about the Goodwill outlet in Portland. I can't wait to check it out!


I stumbled across your sweet little space here and am so glad I did! I love this idea, of the $99 thrift challenge - and I can't believe I'm local (Olympia) and have never heard of the Goodwill outlets!!! Next time I'm north, I'm making time to check it out, definitely! Thanks for the lead!


Oh I want to go junking with you! What great finds. Congrads

Selena Cate

Thanks Jude. Anytime you are in Sonoma County, drop me an email and we can go thrifting together.


LOVE this challenge! I can't believe I have not been to a Goodwill outlet. This is pure insanity. I don't want to admit it - but I didn't even know there was one! Great finds.

Goodwill is one of my favorite places to shop. Would love it if you would check out my thrift-fashion/thrifting trends/thrifting runway blog:




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Saved as a favorite, I love your blog!

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