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August 15, 2006



Lovely - count me in!! That pillow is really pretty!! I hope I find some good stuff out there since this is all new to me!! Very exciting!! I'm also up for swapping, not that I really have anything to swap yet, but when I do...


I'm still very new to this blogging but I'm allready addicted Ü.
I'm also addicted to fleamarkets, yardsales and thrift shops looking for old, vintage things to decorate my house and garden with.
I would love to be in this thrift challenge and I'm also up for swapping!

I really like your blog( allmost forgot to tell this as I got a little carried away......)


As I said, I'm new to this blogging thing and there still are lots of things I know nothing about. I would love to have Moki's button on my blog and spread the word about this challenge, but i just don't know how it works.
So please help me!!!


Of course your geeky friend is in!!!


I'm in. (In the correct post this time, no less)


Hi Selena, I have tried emailing you, but it bounced back, so am replying to you via blogger. The flower loom that you were asking about is made up of a plastic circle with a hole in the middle and two rows of prongs following the edge. It is similar to those little French knitting bobbins, but on a largers scale. If you can email me, I can send a photo. Try
Best wishes, Niki


i would love to join! i too am a bit burned out on thrifting but with a challenge i am sure i can find something! maybe a break until the first will help...:)


oo ooo can I join too please? :) I have a big thrifty/op-shopping addiction so this should be fun! Looking forward to seeing everyone's finds. Thanks for organising!


Hi Selena~Great challenge. If I wasn't going to be traveling so much in Sept. I just might take part! Hey, I wanted to make sure the pincushion is working out ok and that you got the bead back on :)

BTW, where did you find that Japanese craft book leaning against the wall? I can't see the cover very well, but what I can make out is grabbing my interest in a big way!


i am so do 'i get the javascrip for the button? great idea.

Laurie in Chicago

I would love to do this - thifting can be therapeutic!

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