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October 18, 2006


Paula are so talented. I love it! Want one! Want the magazine, too! Seems I'm a little needy this evening, doesn't it? Good job, it turned out perfect...


Really, really cute! Great job!


I cannot understand why it is so hard to get my grubby hands on that magazine here in St Louis! The banner looks lovely.


Selina, I am soo impressed. I just got Marie Clarie and saw this banner. I LOVE yours. Thank you for sharing how you did it. Clarice

Heather Bullard

Absolutely wonderful! Now, if only I could find that magazine! I've made so many trips to the bookstores and they are always sold out!


I would love to get that magazine,and i so enjoyed your banner.i thought i"d share an idea of mine with you. I've made happy birthday banners and the first one i cut to squares and bonded them together with fusible webbing, the kind with the paper backing. Next I took a square of fabric and bonded it to the webbing, next i traced the letters, cut them out, pulled the paper off and ironed the letter on the square, so if you didn't want to sew it, this works quite nicely. Try it. Darlene


What a fun, crafty idea! Looks great! :)


Really nice job Selena, I'm very impressed! Nice photo as well.


That banner is totally cute!!

And you must be just a wee bit insane after sewing all those letters. I know I would be.

My mind jumped ahead and assumed you would be using spray adhesive or double sided iron-on sticky stuff.

Then I scrolled down and saw the stitching! ACK! I'm beyond impressed!


Fab banner,great tutorial, will you be showing us the goodie bags? I can't find the Marie Claire Idees magazine , but hey who needs it when we have Selena!


Love it! Just love it! Can't wait to see the bags.


Very cute! Thanks for the tutorial, I am going to have to try this one!


great job!!! i may have to do this but maybe with bella's name. where did you get this magazine? i'm going outta town tomorrow by plane and this looks like a great read.

thanks for sharin'.


Oh, what a cute idea! Love it.


So incredibly beautiful!


Very pretty and festive!


Selena! That is so pretty. You did a wonderful job!


ooooooh I want one too!
i wish i could find a free second to SIT at my sewing machine. i'm going to have to suck it up and let the house be a mess one full day so i can do some crafting.
how inspiring.


This is great! I have been wanting a copy of the mag for awhile. It would be cute to do the kids names like that- and shorter too which is good for my attention span! Well done!

mama ilse

in French they would say....trés bien madame !... Very good!! Ooh and you have a Bernina. I 'm planning to buy one, now my last partner has given his last breath( stiches). Wich one do you have?


This looks fantastic!! I just love it. :) I haevn't ventured into banner's yet but now my brain is turning to try one. :) Love all the fabric by the way . . .


Aren't you clever for figuring this out! Looks wonderful :)


This is the beginning of Birthday season for us...I think I might use your idea for a Happy Birthday banner. :) Thanks!


So beautiful!


I thought the second picture of a completed banner was from the magazine, too...but wow, it turned out to be yours! Fantastic...

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