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December 04, 2006



So interesting to read about waldorf from your point of view. I am someone who does a lot of things the waldorf way but I still don't luike the concept as a whole. My son in waldorfschhool would be good for my son because he reads and writes alll on his own and he is only 4..


Hi Selena, I've never seen an advent rope before and I think it is a really great idea. Must remember to try it next year, or maybe just start late.I'm a great believer in children learning at their own pace, they all come to reading and writing at different times, something that mainstream education does not take into consideration.


Love your Advent rope. As a child, we had an advent rope also, but with lifesavers tied on each day. At the bottom of the rope was a felt bell with a poem on it. I can't remember how the poem went, but each night whichever one of us four kids turn it was to untie the candy for the day also read the poem. Such a fun way to count down the days before Christmas...


We love our main lesson books too. Very clever advent idea !!! Clarice


What a lovely idea Selena. I have never seen that before :-)


I am just learning about the Waldorf educational system by reading your blog, but you've got my curiosity!
And those ropes are great. I cannot wait to celebrate Advent with my own children one day. It is such a fun time of year!


How cool is that advent rope!


That looks pretty fun. I love hearing about your family traditions.


I know from raising my own children in a similar way, the payoffs do happen. My little ones are grown now, I had to fight really hard to keep the world stuff away. I have been a lurker here for about 2 month and I want to let you know that you are on the right track. Give yourself a big pat on the back. Janet


They look like two special rainbows hanging on the wonder the children love it!

Michele Annette

What a great idea! They look so pretty hanging on the wall.


Your advent ribbon is a great idea. Something to definitely try next year, I'm sure my son would love getting a little treat each day!


Aaahhhh! I have been beating myself up that I wasnt able to get the advent stockings done this year (again!). But this looks like something I can put together pretty quickly this afternoon. The boys will be thrilled when they get home from school! Thanks so much for the great idea. And, Waldorf hits home for me too..esp. with boys who seem to learn much more through experience naturally.



LOVE the advent ribbon.. LOVE waldorf too and incorporate it into our lives as I see fit. We're not 100% but I take what works for our family and leave the rest. Thanks for the idea for next year. :)


I've really missed out on the whole advent thing this year. I guess I always think of it as a very Christian activity, but I think it sounds like a lot of fun for any kid. Next year maybe I'll be on the ball for it.

I really disagree with almost all of the Waldorf philosophies. I don't think sheltering children from reality so completely prepares them for the ungentle world they are going to be expected to survive in when they leave home. Plus it would have been the worst kind of environment for my kid. We've had friends and neighbors who are huge fans of the Waldorf way so I've heard a lot about it and been to a Waldorf fair.

But what I've come to value is the necessity for each parent to do for their kids what they feel is appropriate for them, and no one else can know better than you how best to bring up your children. I can appreciate that if the Waldorf school is really working well for your kids and you feel really good about it, then that's all that matters.


What fun! So very clever!!! It kind of reminds me of those party favors when I was a kid... all kinds of goodies and treats wound in a ball of crape (sp) paper. I love this!


this is a really clever idea, I'd never heard of this. Advent has been on my mind this month, mostly because I am soooo behind on creating my own.


I want my children to go to Waldorf, too... it's soexpensive though. Hopefully by the time I have childrne, and they're ready for school, we can afford to send them to such a dreamland for school.


I love your advent ribbon. We don't do the treats every day, but we open a window of our (well loved) advent calendar each night and read the accompanying chapter of the book that goes with it.

Happy Advent!


I love the ribbon idea! I think I may actually make some for my husband and my friends this year. I thought I'd read all of your posts, but I must have missed this one!! The whole blog is such an inspiration...really. I just wish you could post every day!


I love the ribbon idea! I think I may actually make some for my husband and my friends this year. I thought I'd read all of your posts, but I must have missed this one!! The whole blog is such an inspiration...really. I just wish you could post every day!

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