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December 21, 2006



What great swap packages you got in the mail. How fun! Both those aprons are wonderful. Hope your next few days are a bit more relaxing. Merry Christmas to you!


What lovely post to receive!!!

I'm glad you can finally sit down and relax!

Well I've suddenly gone the opposite with the urge to blog. Well it is christmas after all so I started posting on my blog a few days ago. It's already driving the kids and the woodcutter mad.

How wonderful to have bought a record player, I bought gentlytiptoes a sound of music record for christmas from the charity shop.

Speak soon love Jul;ia x


wow! what lovely swap packages you've received.

and i soooo know what ya mean about so much going on and not enough time. i too am going to have to learn when to say no to swaps.

i mailed out your goodies that you purchased from me from etsy. did they arrive safely?


What gorgeous things you got in your swaps!


I'm glad to hear that the items in your deep freeze are safe. And your swap packages are wonderful!


You are simply incredible. You mention having nine house guests and the word "relaxing" in the same breath! really are a superwoman in disguise. I hope you have a wonderful holiday with your family...keep the margarita glass tucked under your cape (did superwoman wear a cape?).


Hi Selena! I'm so happy that you think the apron "screams Apron Thrift Girl." That's precisely what I was going for! I hope that you and your family have a joyous, warm holiday! Cheers, Sarah


Oh Selena! Im so glad that the package arrived safely and than you enjoyed it all. I so loved putting it together for you. Seriously, that Santa book with the rotating toy picker almost didnt make it into the box. I had to go get it out of my boys room in the middle of the night and put it back into the box. Enjoy your holiday and have a margarita on me!

Blessings Friend!


oh my gosh! Such fun stuff! Lucky gal!


Merry Christmas Selena!


I'm in for margaritas . . .just give me a jingle! ;D


Such fun swap goodies!! Glad you guys are home in comfort, safe and sound. Enjoy your family and Happy Holidays!!

Daisy Cottage

Wonderful things for a wonderful person! Enjoy them and Merry Christmas Selena!!


how very fabulous!! those packages are divine, and congrats to you for putting those self-care boundaries in place!

ugh my apartment is so cold during the day!!! at night it heats up, but i'm shakin' right now!


girl, you are in the coolest swaps! i keep trying to remind myself i don't have time for swaps, but i've got to break down and ask you where you're finding them, b/c they are always way cool and i want to do a few swaps, art & other stuff, in the coming year!

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