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April 24, 2007



This stuff is beautiful! I want some too! Found you via Zelia!


I bet you've just caused a stamped to Ebay. I've never heard of this pottery before but I'm sharing your love of it. There is a nice purple creamer on buy it now in Ebay!!


those are seriously cool.


I used to work in a Mikasa outlet as a teenager. We had a great clearance room - too bad I didn't own my own home back then :) Great stuff.


I just found your blog recently :) That is a bummer about the crazing on the coffee pot. The sugar bowl is great.

I love the Ben Seibel Mikasa patterns too. I've only come across them once at an estate sale...I had to pass as they were really expensive coupled with the fact I already have three sets of vintage dishes by other makers.


Oooo! Those two blues on the sugar bowl, together, are heavenly!!!

Tiffany Roberts

I love that sweet tea pot! Great finds... lucky, thrifty, girl!



Does crazing mean it's not usable? I've always wondered that.

I think I like the blue sugar bowl best. And you definitely need sugar cubes. Don't forget the tiny tongs for picking them up!


I love the sugar bowl. Definitely fill it with sugar cubes and get some little tongs to serve them! I have a sugar bowl with cubes in it for special occassions and every time I bring it out the little ones eat the cubes. So of course they think it is wonderful but it drives me crazy.


You are a lady after my own heart how gorgeous. I am currently now not only changing my kitchen but living room and dining room all to retro 50/70s kitsch I love it.


They look good:)
I love the colors:)


Ha! I love these dishes! I just found a sugar bowl and creamer in Mikasa Duplex in a wonderful green -- not sure it's avocado but it's very cool -- at the Salvation Army thrift store. Must find the other colors! Thanks for a new obsession.

T Sheeley

Great finds!! I love these dishes. I just bought a little sugar bowl that is similar but it doesn't have a brand name on the bottom. I love seeing all of the treasures you find.



The wonderful thing about your Mikasa is that it would go with just about anything...a real mix and match delight. And...aren't the colours gorgeous? I'll keep my fingers crossed that you discover a hoard at a yard sale.


OOOh, that IS gorgeous isn't it? Love those colors and the style.

tammy g.

Those pieces are so pretty - love the design & the blue colors. I don't think I have come across any colored Mikasa yet in my thrifting, else I would've snatched those puppies up...actually, I tend to pick up anything with the pretty solid colors anyway...most seem to be "no label" so I don't know if they are vintage or not.
BTW, my Autistic daughter has been on a gluten free diet (as well as free of casein, wheat, lactose) for a few years - it is amazing how gluten is in everything!


I saw two boxes of the pink Duplex at the Goodwill in Cambridge yesterday. The universe must be redistributing its Mikasa wealth!


Love those dishes. Glad to read you are *Back* :)
Had a great time in Dublin, Northern Wales and England. Loved London. Will have to tell you more about it :)


Oh, what a sweet sight to my bowl addicted eyes! I found your blog throught Kathy at Pink Chalk Studio's "In my Neighborhood" list and love it!

jill lorraine

Hi ! I just found your blog a few weeks ago and I've been trying to e-mail you about your thrifting in Seattle (my sister used to live on Bainbridge Island) - but I can't find an e-mail link to you that works. If you happen to have a minute, could you e-mail me so I can ask about your Seattle adventure? Thanks so much - I'm really enjoying your blog. Have a great evening.


Here's a vintage idea for the sugar bowl, direct from the 70's (ask me how I know, hahaha).

Fill it with regular sugar with just a bit of colored sugar mixed in... like little polka dots of color. That was a big trend at the time.

Some pink sprinkles in the white sugar would be pretty with that powder blue.



I could just cry that you posted this! I, too, have a love for Mikasa Duplex and now I'll never finish my pink love. Boo hoo!! really ladies, don't believe the hype - these are terrible dishes. Yucky! Stay away!


you are seriously a trend setter! nice finds...

Mikki Jo

What sweet sugar bowls. And I love the teapot. I love teapots. I have my grandma's old sugar bowl and was lucky to find a creamer to match it a couple years ago. Love your blog!

Tara Kelly

Those are some beautiful dishes!!!

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