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September 25, 2008



I love the Dansk. I can see why you whooped when you spotted them. What a find! Oh, and the Halloween swap is pretty darn cool too. I'm curious to see what you do with the material.


Great swap goodies and great finds! Love it all.


So what is the thing with the bats on it in the second photo? I love it.


Oooooh. I'm enamored with your Jack Skellington-ware!


Those pieces did look like a Tim Burton scene... :) Gorgeous design!


It's great when you first spy something you really love in a thrift shop isn't it? you really have to stop yourself from pounding your fist in the air and screaming YES! SCORE!

Love the Denby...


Wow what a day. I love those days as well. It's gloomy out but it turns out awesome despite it all. I had one my them today it was great.


It's bitter and gray here today and I can't get motivated - perhaps some thrifting is what I need...


Did you notice that the little boy and girl silhouette in the goodie bag you sent actually look like Keiran and Cerys? Beautiful arrangement of the photographs - I just love looking at them!

melissa s.

great stuff. that teapot is beautiful!


I tend to not like anything newer than about 1890, but I love that coffee set! What a find. There just aren't thrift shops like that around here!

Tammy Sprinkle

Oooh, chocolate and a magazine, huh? Sounds good to me. What a fun swap. I should have done that one. I love Swapdex!
Tammy ;D


You made me laugh with the comment about the napkins going into the closet with all your other crafty dreams! When we remodeled downstairs this spring, I packed an entire large moving box just from my office of items waiting to be altered in one way or another! Good luck on the owl embroidery!


brilliant swap goodies.. I have just spent rather too long oggling the candy corn. Why is it that I want candy corn so badly when I know exactly how it tastes and dont particularly like it, but its there and it jsut screams "Halloween"

lovely thrifting too.. I hope you have some happy hunting this weekend when you go out yardsaleing.


Mannnnn, I love ALL of the stuff you send. How did you part with them? Love the apron you made! Too cute. I want you for the red/aqua swap. :) xo

P.S. Do I have to do anything else to get in on that? I left a comment to that post. I'm a newbie to swaps. thanks.


I love this pottery! I love that deep brown color in general (reminds me of chocolate!), and i actually love it paired with bright blue, or orchid! I like all the dishes you display on your blog. That pumpkin bread has me inspired! I'm baking the first acorn squash of the season in the oven right now. How will it manifest itself?
Thanks for visiting my blog. :) It was nice to hear from you. ~ Tiffanie

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