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October 06, 2008



What do you mean you are behind? Ha! Story of my life ...
Hey, I love MJF too! And Happy Monday Selena!


Oh, MJF. I love her! I just learned yesterday that grenades were named after pomegranates. Until i heard that, I had never noted their extremely similar shape. I'm so glad they're in season!


That is a skill that I didn't even know one could possess. Thank you for the lesson!


I'm so glad to be back and checking in on my blogging friends! Pomegranates always remind me of my childhood, coming home from my grandpa's ranch and stopping at a family friend's house, where they had them. I don't remember the cutting part, but I do remember them breaking open to reveal hills of seeds, ready to stain our hands! I'll have to look for them in a while here.

Jeanie Campbell

Fantastic lesson - thanks! How do you keep from getting stained? That's the only bad part for me.
Happy Monday,


Very informative, thank you! I can't wait to pick one up myself and dive into it!


Mmmmm pomegranates! One of my favourite memories is swimming in a open-air pool in view of the mountains in India and nipping out every now and again to pluck a pomegranate straight from the tree, tease out the seeds and nibble on them :D


So what does one do with a pomegranate? I have often wondered how to use them.

Have you seen the new pomegranate Tootsie Pops??? They are yummy...... like a cross between cherry and stawberry.



That was helpful. I've never eaten a pomegranate before. Do you just nibble the stuff off the seeds? I can't wait to try one.


struggling here with the pomegranite thing. I don't 'get' them. I've had them in dishes, but perhaps I haven't had the right dish. The crunchiness got to me after a while and I couldn't eat any more. Am I missing something?


I just got that magazine! Now I have to go out and find a pomegranate...

Nigella Lawson makes a pomegranate pavlova, which is heavenly, but usually I like them just on their own.


Pomegranates? Already that time of the year?
Gosh... It seems it was yesterday, I was ten and having a bunch of them, sitting on a stones wall while watching my grandpa getting the soil ready for more veggies... :)
They taste so great don't they? :)

"Don't toss shoes..." what? 'Cause I have a huge plastic bag of them in the car to give away...


Oh how wonderful....pomegranates AND Mary Jane. You lucky girl.


I've never been able to buy a ripe one out of the store. Do they ripen after picking? Maybe I'm just not waiting long enough to eat? So I've never had a good fruit, but I absolutely love the juice, so I have hope that one day I'll get a ripe one! And now I know how to take it apart if I do. :)

Teresa Sheeley

Oh my goodness, my mouth started watering just looking at the yummy pomegranate. I love them so. And I just picked up Mary Jane Farm's magazine too. Some good stuff inside. :)


oh my goodness! i haven't been by in a few days! the header looks great! i'm so glad it worked! :)


We've tried a pomegranate once and none of us liked it. Too sour and those little seeds were annoying. Or perhaps I ate it too soon or just got the wrong one? :-)



I adore pomegrantes they were such a wonderful treat when I was a child. Tried to grow some of the seeds last year and managed to germinate a few but unfortunately they succombed to the wilt and died. Will be trying again this year.


Oooh, I love pomegranates! I have been eating them since I was a very young girl! My mother used to always buy them for me every year. I have not purchased any this year yet as the ones they have at the store so far are very small and cost $2.28 each! I am waiting for the big ones to arrive and the price to go down a tad. Last year they were only $1.50 each. I hope it is soon cause I don't know how many times I can pass them by and not get one! I am so ready to taste them! yum yum
Have a Blessed Day,


That looks so yummy! Haven't had one in ages. I think I will buy one as soon as I spot them at our local stores.


Thankyou for this useful tutorial, which is very timely as we just got a really beautiful pomegranate tree for our yard and it already has several ready to be picked pomegranates on it :)


They're my fave fruit, too, even before they became hip and trendy. One of my favorite memories is eating one off a tree in Greece. Do you know about separating the seeds under water, so all the white stuff floats to the top?


I just bought three last's my fall and early winter rite of passage. I love the gem-like seeds and always completely clean and clear the seeds of all pith and then out them in a white bowl after rinsing them so they are extra sparkly and shiny. I can eat them with a spoon like cereal...I love them that much.

I also like the seeds sprinkled on salads or on softened vanilla ice cream.


Thanks to this post I bought my first pomergrantes a couple of weeks ago. I never bought one before because I had no idea what parts one ate or didn't eat.
Where have they been all my life?????? Their tartness perfectly offsets the blandness of cottage cheese.
The kids at school are fascinated by them and tell me they taste like sweet tarts.

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