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November 25, 2008



You can count me in! Thank you for mentioning me! Items similar to what Selena purchased will be for sale in my etsy shop by the end of the week :)


hi, i love reading your blog. love all of your thrifty finds. please stop by my booth at UCU and say hi.


You could give guides thrift tours. I'll bet there would be a big demand for that.

melissa s.

congrats on a successful craft show! i've heard great things about ucu, have fun!

Jessica (Kids Napping?  I'm Scrapping!)

Looks like it was a lovely event... any California bazaars coming up? ;)


Looks like fun! Great flowers that you traded for!

I have a friend who lives in Seattle and I will have to have her go to the Urban Craft event for me. Coincidentally, her name is also Jessica!

Cherry Tree Lane

REALLY wish that I could have been there. WHY can't you live closer?!?!


It looks like a great show! I haven't visited ANY craft shows this year due to budget limitations.. so it is so nice to be able to live vicariously through your photos :) I like the little signs you made on your table.


I'll take one of each item in Kathy's space. Wrap em up ;) I agree that doing craft shows definitely makes your face hurt from all of the smiling!! But meeting other vendors and hearing what your customers have to say is always the most rewarding part!


Those 'trades' are beautiful.I especially love the coin purses.

Don't you love how those last minute 'should I take 'em or not' (re:the ephemera)items always seem to be the best sellers ?!I'm always surprised at what I think will be the 'item du jour' and what actually is.(Happens at garage sales too).


I'm glad you had a good experience even if you were a bit out of your element. :) I stopped by to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!!

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