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November 11, 2008



Um, yeah, I don't think I would have been able to part with the Little Red Riding Hood! How beautiful! And what pretty things your swap partner sent of these days I will join a swap...


That felt wall hanging is amazing, no wonder you didn't want to part with it.


I just adore that Little Red Riding Hood! All you swapping people are so amazing to me, so much creativity and energy!


We're heading to IKEA on Sunday. I can't wait! Everytime I go there I want to move into a particleboard house filled with IKEA stuff.

Jackie should totally open an Etsy shop. Little Red Riding Hood is beautiful. Will she be a the craft show later this month at the Grange?


I absolutely love this felt wall hanging. How does she do that? It is so beautiful, such fine detail to it.


Wow, that is so gorgeous! Does she have an etsy shop? If not, dangit, she should.


I'm with ya there! My hubby has to leave on Sunday and is gone til midnight Friday...I hate training classes!


Wow - your friend is very talented! That hanging is just gorgeous :) One of my flickr contacts is in your swap and I was just admiring the photos she had taken. Aqua and red has got to be one of my most favorite color combos!


I can see how you would fall in love with the felt piece. Wow! I need to work on my creativity.


That hanging is beautiful, She NEEDS to open a shop--oh wait, I NEED her to open a shop. How fun and how pretty.


your blog is beautiful! for some odd reason I am just discovering the world of crafters who blog. I don't know where I have been. Either way, I absolutely love your blog.



**Also, I just saw your blog in the new India Knight thrift book! How exciting!


*LOL* I was just at Ikea yesterday! we got a new desk for the bedroom, a beaurea type one.. yes my spelling is that bad... and some of the glass canning type jars for Christmas crafts, possibly some cookies or cookie mix to go in them decorated with a cookie cutter and maybe a little handmade ornament.

thank you again for sending me the lovely swap things, and for sending me such lovely emails, and having the time for a natter on yahoo. I really appreciate it, and its lovely to find new friends that you have so much in common with even if those friends are so far away.


That felted work of art is gorgeous!!! Your friend is really talented to make something like that.
I hope you're feeling better, but a trip to IKEA is really more like torture for me personally, lol. I try to avoid it if I can. Much too big, too crowded (at least it is here) and we always forget something or buy the wrong components. And nothing we buy (except our kitchen) makes it past the 3 year mark because we get tired of it or it breaks. :-(


Cherry Tree Lane

The pictures of the swap are amazing! I'm kinda sad that I missed this one :(

By the way--I awarded you the KREATIVE BLOGGER award on my blog--come check it out!

amanda o

the swap images are so cute and i am so there wih you on waldorf. i love the school we have in atlanta and wish my son could attend...but alas, we are moving to tampa where there are no waldorf schools.

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