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November 18, 2008



Furniture is like men... once you let them into your life, it's hard to get them out. My current couch has lasted longer than my first marriage however. It still love it, too. That is some sage advise you're dishing out.


Your posts are great. I love your couch! I have had buyers remorse more than a few times when I didn't think hard enough about the pros and cons of being its owner. That's the tricky part about thrifting. You kind of have to make an on-the-spot decision before someone else snatches it up.
Have a great day!


wise words selena...and oh so true :)


Sweet couch! Nice work!


I've dated some doozies (does anyone use that word anymore?). I've never thought of thrifting like dating. I think I'm done being seduced by those thrifted losers. You know the ones that say and wink, you know I just need a little bit of stain removal or hey baby, one more button and I'm as good as new. The problem is I kept bringing more losers in, thinking that they could be fixed. Well, I'm happy to report I'm bent on getting rid of those losers once and for all. It's just like that purse you told me I didn't need. LOL I kicked it to the curb right before I got to the checkout.


Selena, I LOVE this post and want to say a big THANK YOU for stopping me and hubby for spending his hard-earned cash on the "wrong boyfriend".

I have been searching and searching for a low credenza for my foyer, mid-century modern, about six feet long and, o, about 25 inches high, with a 16-19 inch depth. I live in a poorer/retirment/tourist part of of my state, where every other store is a "collectibles/antiques" store, meaning the pickers/dealers get anything and everything that we poor bottom-feeder end users might fancy (we call it "The Land of the NEWLY WED and the NEARLY DEAD"). And then the dealers mark up the stuff to an unbelievable price for us working class slugs to afford (and as a thrifter, I HATE using a middle-man), which means the only folk who can afford it are the "snowbirds" to furnish their "winter homes". But I digress. I recently found exactly what I am looking for, but it is somewhat flawed in the veneer (2 inches long, about 1/16th of an inch wide, right in the front of the piece)and the dealer wants $175 for it (no, it's not neogotiable.) I almost purchased it because I have been waiting for years for a piece of this nature to show up at a thrift or rummage sale, and all I ever find are Walmart, made-in-China reject furniture that some snowbird dumped because the "grandkids" didn't need it, or it didn't look right in the "McMansion" or it wasn't authentic to the 19th century home "on the river". Ugggh. But in reading your post, I decided that I will probably die without ever achieving the ownership of this style of piece because I refuse to buy total crap and I won't shop at Ashely furniture and I won't pay Ethan Allen prices. It's hard to face the reality of one's future, lol. Your post has just saved me $$.


Selena... you inspire me. :)
Just yesterday I was driving to work and swerved to the side of the road to examine four vinyl aqua dining chairs. But on closer inspection... they were covered in rust and mold and one of the seatcovers was cut. And can you believe it... I passed them up. I thought of my little house, already busting at the seams and left them there on the curb. It was a breakthrough.

I LOVE the new couch.


Why did you have to remind me of my terrible exboyfriend. Man that dude was a loser. Thanks for the reminder to only buy "Dave's" cause all that other stuff is "not Dave".

Wow I just posted an inside joke you have no clue about.


That is a very stylish couch and what a bargain definetly worth the wait.


so glad i decided to sleep in . . .i may have had to arm wrestle you for the couch. ;D

Cass Ward

That is a great couch and definitely worth the wait

amanda o

what a great couch!

Queen of Fifty Cents

Wonderful story! I always think of waiting for the perfect object as "You have to kiss a lot of frogs to find a prince." Sometimes it does takes years, sometimes you can make do for a while with a lesser substitute, but keep's out there!


ugh, i just wrote this lovely long comment and then accidently deleted it. long story short, it involved the phrases, "great couch," "good advice," "reminds me of this awesome green velvet couch i once had," "reminds me of how i had to get rid of it," and "kirk cameron?"


I love this post. And I love your sofa. It's wonderful. And you are so's perfect with that lamp.

Also, I followed the link about the ranch house. Fab. Totally fab.;)


I'm a tad bit envious that you've found your perfect couch! I'm still stuck with my husband's couch, and I'm going to have to come up with some outrageous story about how it was stolen by ugly couch bandits once I finally find the perfect thrifty, not junk replacement for it (which in my case, involves velvet.)


Hi Selena, I'm just checking in during an unexpected computer loss (it looks like I'll be computerless for a week! Ack!) on a grungy old laptop. It's good to "catch up" with what you're doing. Wish I could've gone to that Waldorf auction...the items are amazing! Great new couch! Enjoy it. It will be right at home in SoCal. You will be glad to know that this whole week we're in the 80s and 90s down here. By the time you come down, we'll be a perfect escape from the rain.


Oh wow wow WOW! That couch is a BEAUTY and so perfect with your gorgeous lamp. Serious serious score, I'm so excited for you! Perfect mid-century modern furniture like that is so hard to come by for so cheap, way to go girl!


I come from a long line of thrifters, nothing new, always thrifted. I recently bought my first house and wanted to buy a new sofa... well, two months and many, many new furniture stores later, I still hadn't decided on anything, nothing screamed at me and I almost bought a couple different sofas just because they were close. Then one day during my lunch hour, I decided to go to the St. Vinnie's across the street from my office building. There it was - 'the sofa' for $200! When it was delivered, the guy said that it was donated from the pish posh neighbourhood and that they had never used it. I don't feel like I've settled either, I love the lines and the color. It's a beauty and it has class...

A Thrifty Mrs

Very wise words! Really enjoyed that post.


Fab-u-lous settee (couch), what a wonderful find.

I know just what you mean about spotting another thrifter / dealer as I always avoid any stalls at car boot sales where they're selling Millers Price Guides or other antique pricing books. You just know that they know the price of everything!


thanks a lot for your funny insight on men (!) and thrifting
As I am recovering from a hard relationship I want to be sure to find someone that loves me exactly as I am and treats me real good

nice sofa! I envision it with an embroidered (with something witty like a cheeky squirrel) cushion
keep up the good work


What a great post! I love it! And I love your new couch too, what a find for $50, congrats. I couldn't agree with you more about being patient, that's why it took me almost 5 months to find my bike. Just three days before my birthday I found the perfect one and I love it, even more so because I kept all the money I could have spent in my pocket and waited.



Wow! Fantastic couch! Good for you! I'm so glad that you didn't sell for less.


Great settee! and great post!

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