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January 21, 2010



That's a lovely haul of craft goods, I can see the pieces adding nice texture to your art.

I confess to a love (obsession?) with toadstools too. I'll be painting a line of them for spring. And making toadstool pillows..and collages...and...

Mermaid Debbie

I really enjoyed this post. I feel the same way about visiting an amazing, creative blog and feeling a sort of wonderful, energy that is a bit envious, yet it inspires me too! I guess that is what it is all about! As an artist, I am constantly being inspired by others. I would have loved to be with your girlfriends, perusing that wonderful city. I love your finds. The toadstools are wonderful. How fun.

C. Dianne Zweig

Now that was a fun day.......lots to sort through and enjoy...where is the crazy quilt you are talking about? Thanks for visiting my blog, Dianne

Pamela Holderman

oh I want everything you bought...really have a thing for german glass glitter. love your corgi too!

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