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February 12, 2010



It is ADORABLE! I love it! Do you know if the red/white fabric is vintage? I'm just wondering if I'd find it for sale anywhere.

Have a great weekend!


Love it! Thanks for sharing! Have a great day!

Mermaid Debbie

Very cute. Like you, I prefer crafting to be quick and easy. I love instant gratification. As an artist, much of my work is more layered and time-consuming. I appreciate your aproach and your work is wonderful!


Cute cute cute! We were on the same page different material! I made a paper heart garland :)

Account Deleted

Super Cute!


That pinking machine is beaut - still jealous about it. The banner looks great - very cute mushrooms make it very quirky.


Nice job! I haven't even started thinking about Valentine's Day yet! Must crack on tomorrow...

Bee Balm Gal

I have this same fabric! I won't dare confess how long it has languished in the cupboard. Peraps its time has come!


Beautiful and very inspiring! I'm going to give it a go this weekend, need something to cheer up my fireplace.

Tayla B

I've seen a couple of these for valentine's day and I love them! I just wish I had seen them sooner so I could have thought to make one. Maybe I could make one for St. Patrick's day! hm....


very adorable and beautiful! love it :) I need to get back into crafting..fall seems to bring it out in me, but after fall passes I get away from it..but this is inspiring


You are so creative. Sigh. I love it!

Happy V Day weekend! Is your sweetie back home?

one gal's trash

Hi Selena,
Thanks for stopping by and adding OGT to your blog roll. The last time I checked your blog, you were about to leave Bainbridge for California...where did you settle? Love your projects and the photos of your beautiful, thrifty children. This burlap Valentine's banner is just perfect!
Pam ~ One Gal's Trash


Still lusting after your pinking machine...And admire that you're using it to create such a lively banner...I love how your creativity SHINES!


I love your pinking machine! These turned out cute.


Beautiful banner!

I read that you traded the red/white fabric from a friend, but like others, I'm wondering where it might be available? Anyone know the name/maker of the fabric?


Selena Cate

I dont know where my friend found the fabric. I have sent her an email and asked her about it. It does read Indian Head Mills INC on the edge of the fabric. Ill do some research and see if I can find anymore information on it. I too would love to find some more.


A pinking machine? That sounds awesome! I love your banner. The burlap underneath is a really nice touch.

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