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March 22, 2010



I'm so jealous - our thrifting season hasn't started for the year yet. :) It's still too cold, but I am anxious to get out there and get started.
Nice finds!


I love everything you found, the glasses are specifically unique and gorgeous. I tried to use the linky widget to no success so I'll just post about my weekend thrifting adventure below: A Special Thrift Weekend, Monkeys, Art, Robots, Dinosaurs, and more!

It's always a pleasure to read about your thrift finds.


It's so nice to see that there are such great treasures still to be found....


mine is from a few weeks ago, the last time I posted any treasures-hope that's ok

Vicki K

This is really fun! My cousins - who were always so cutting edge - had a Radarange. That's what they called it too.

I don't know about the nightgown but I think we had a variation of that wood and cushioned rocker that happy-hubby-with-a-pipe is sitting in. It was really cool because it was a 200th Centennial edition with a liberty bell carved into the wooden sides of the headrest. What year is that magazine?


I love your thrifted items so much, I am tres jealous!


I love the pics from the magazines! Yay for happy thrifty finds!

Cass Ward

OMG thank you so much. I have been a long time reader but probably don't comment as often as I should and now I've won, thank you. I never win anything either so maybe my luck is changing


i love the Mount Shasta picture! We went camping there every summer when I was growing up and I have so many wonderful memories....the motor home fuel pump dying halfway up the mountain....coming out of the lake with a leach on my hand....:):)


I love those snack bowls.
I have to say, this it my first time commenting here, but I've been reading this blog for like 3 months. I have this habit of silently creeping blogs without commenting for the longest time ever.
I have to say, I love reading about your thrift finds too!
You (and a bunch of other "thrifty" bloggers) pretty much inspired me to start thrifting!


Selena Cate

Thank you so much for commenting Xion and reading ATG. You know when I read comments like this it really makes what I do here worth it. I really wanted to say thank you.

Suzanne Dustin

I just love your finds and hope to make my way down from Fresno and meet you and go shopping with you at least once before I move to VA next year. You could teach me a few things I know.


Love the snack set - and what a bargain. Good job!

erica louise

Those snack bowls are cute!

Cheryl Aronson

My eyes went immediately to the painting of Mt.Shasta - not far from where I grew up and knew it was that magical mountain without even looking at the print! Grandparents has a family cabin in Sweetbriar Ah. Memories of home.



Love your snack bowls!Great find.Spot in for a visit.

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