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May 20, 2010



If it's any consolation, us non-local readers can't make it either! But damn, that looks like a spectacular event, I'm so inspired just from the website!

I'll settle for some thrifty fun this weekend...

Cathe Holden

Thank you for including me in your post and for sharing the Maker Faire. I've never been and I'm afraid I'll miss so much only going for one day, but have a feeling I'll be hanging out mostly in the CRAFT booth watching demos and playing with other crafters. I'll miss seeing you there!

Nancy S

I've heard a lot about the Maker Faire and you just gave a heck of a sales pitch. Maybe next year.

As for the geocashing...several of the comments yesterday mentioned letterboxing. I got so excited about it that when I got home from work I changed into hiking gear and went forth with dogs, a stamp pad and Kelly in tow. It was a wild experience. We never did find the letterbox but we hiked for a couple of hours (I was very motivated) and were exploring a place we had never been before. So much fun! If you like the idea of treasure hunting you'll love this.

Selena Cate

Letterboxing did sound equally as fun but as I was typing the post I couldnt remember the name of it and at 6am in the morning I didnt use the energy to look for it on my computer.  :-) Im definitely going to be trying both of these. I think these will be an exciting twist to our weekends. Thanks again for all the stellar suggestions yesterday.
xoxo Selena

Tracy (The Wardrobe Wanderer)

Are you going to sell some of your altered clothing eventually? I know you posted a top once that you made, or were planning to make/remake? that I loved. It was like a smock style with pockets I believe. The Maker Faire sounds amazing...would love to go too.

amy zimmer

it is getting too big. let's have an altered clothing party, where we bring something to alter and piles of clothes we don't care if they get hacked. Pack some vintage bric-brac and buttons and sew, sew, sew. Whatever the ticket price--half goes to what you bring to eat and the other half to extra supplies. xo

Selena Cate

Sounds perfect Amy. Lets do that next Fall. Sound good North Bay crafters/thrifters?


Ohhh now I want to have a sewing party on my coast too! Actually I just came back from the Steampunk World's Fair full to the brim with crafty ideas...actually I wonder if they would be interested in a DIY steampunk sewing room for next year...I could so get into running that...


the resewing project seems great!


we are actually planning a mini-maker faire in Alaska! we just got the pr kit last week! I'm sure I'll be posting about it :)

darlene franchi

that looks like the funnest event! I never hear about such cool things around here!

loving occidental

the occidental farmers market has an event similar to swap-o-rama-rama called switch&stitch. super fun!

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