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June 03, 2010



I love the pictures- is that a slight sepia tone added in post? Love that detail, it captures the humid, warm, hazy essence of summer. Great tips on summer entertaining, I've been itching to throw some parties myself. I have a few fun frugal ideas that I want to use...


i spray paint anything that wont move fast enough to match my party! right now we are getting ready to throw a wedding shower and i am making everything green and purple (her colors) with spray paint. it is looking amazing so far!

Tracy (The Wardrobe Wanderer)

You are amazing at this type of thing Selena! I'm impressed :) Would you like to bring a dish to Wendy's on the 12th? We're thinking it can be a potluck sort of thing..we need you here to plan it all out for us..ahhh! It prob won't be as pretty a spread as you put on, but we'll have fun I think! ;) Look forward to seeing you!

Selena Cate

I should add that the rose petals were Keirans idea. He collected them and spread them around the tables.
xoxo Selena

Anne Marie @ Married to the Empire

Lovely! And how wonderful to have all that outdoor seating!

Like you, I do not use disposables when entertaining. (But then, I'm the crazy girl who puts her fine china in the dishwasher.)

I often do inexpensive cuts of beef cooked in the crockpot for parties. (Jamaican Jerk Pork, BBQ pork or beef, etc.) Or I'll do inexpensive soups. I only buy soft drinks on sale, so I stock up during those times. I never have to buy drinks specifically for a party, unless I choose to have a diet option (we don't drink diet drinks). Pitchers of iced tea are usually on the menu. At our last Halloween party, I did a big pot of mulled cider on the stove. Again, inexpensive. Oh, and other than maybe some chips and salsa, I make all the food myself.

My husband is in a Star Wars costuming group, and sometimes he has armor parties at our house. (That's where they all hang out in the garage with the power tools and make adjustments/improvements to their costumes.) I always feed the stormtroopers when they're here. My financial best at that: I once fed 10 people for only $17.

Selena Cate

Anne Marie, your party of 10 for $17 is truly inspirational. And I wish I could see all of those stormtroopers. What a fun sight that must be.
Thank you for sharing. xoxo Selena


This post is amazing on so many levels. First, it's all so beautiful. I feel like I'm looking at photos in a magazine! Second, your tips are awesome. We are hosting a father's day bbq/b-day party and I'm going to snag your ideas...I only wish I could snag some Vera napkins too!


I love hosting parties. I have done quite a few now at my church house dining hall(the church doesnt charge me, which is another furgal way)

I always make guacamole and hummus. You have to buy tahini, but one jar will go a long way.

I do fruit salads, where I make a dip and serve with cut up fruit.Ohh I found canned mango at GO for 99 cents which is really cheap!

And then punch. (talking of which, where's the punch bowl you bought, did you use it)

Cathe Holden

TIME WARP!! What a lovely set up. Felt like I was smack in the middle of the 60s by looking at your photos! You are so stinking cool.

Nina @ Mama Roux

Oh, what a lovely party you've created! I totally "get" the whole vintage craze! It was only recently that I discovered that people actually blog about their found treasures. I will have to include my vintage finds on my blog, I am always wandering into Good Will and my heart actually skips a beat at good rummage sales. Kindred spirits, perhaps. It was great meeting you at the Wed Night Market. Thank you for visiting my blog. I will put yours on my roll so that I can see what you're up to on a regular basis. Oh, and after a little searching I discovered it was Posy Gets Cozy's blog roll that I found you her blog too!!

ana @ iMadeItSo

fantastic setup! i love the dishes (i use "real" plates too even though the ease of paper plates is sooo tempting!), and that pile of vera napkins! i would love just a single one. a great excuse to use all those pretty things you've found over the years. i agree, nice photos too.

amy zimmer

Beautiful pictures Selena. I had to have a party for Sarah's Bat Mitzvah--oy. Here are some of our frugal tips. Buy wine glasses at garage sales, and Salvation Army--50 cents was the most I spent--when we were through, at least 4 other families used the glasses, and when we eventually got them back--they all went to straight back to the salvation army for a tax right off. I decorated the tables with thrifted picture frames, with pictures of Sarah and the important people to her, amidst free Mardi Gras beads. Festive, something to talk about at each table, got people up and moving around. Most expensive center piece-$1 xo A


I have a party this week end. We begin the day with "Craft Day". Gather up the huge stash of craft supplies and start creating. Jewelry, wreaths, sewing, lots of creating. After a few hours of that we will bbq vegetarian style-grilled corn and other veggies, lots of veggie burgers and toppings, chips and homemade salsa, pasta or couscous salad. Then lawn games and a movie shown outdoors on the tarp hanging from the deck. Mexican blankets as tablecloths, mixed glasses, I too use cloth napkins, and I have tons of white plates and metal trays. The decorations include all the flowers and patio (solar) lights. I add lights in the trees via jar candle lanterns.

Lisa G.

I'm so inspired by your bunch of Vera napkins, I have a bunch but haven't washed them in case I want to use them in a craft project, but I think now I'll wash and use them! Thanks for the unintended push! Don't you just love Vera stuff?


What a fabulous bunch of frugal tips, and just in time for our next party! I'll definitely whip up some fetching cloth napkins & use our own dishes in lieu of disposables. I recommend using the abundance of the season for cuisine themes: spring or summer veggies from the garden make very cheap salads & grilling options. Autumn's bounty makes for hearty stews & casseroles. And what better time for potluck or fondue than winter! Our favourite theme uses our homemade pizza oven, with us providing fresh crusts & sauce but guests bringing along their favourite toppings to share. It's always a hit, and much cheaper than delivery!


Where oh WHERE did you get the pink herbal tea vessel? Is it vintage? I also especially love the 2 sets of glasses starting at left - are the first starred set jelly jar glasses? I have - hmmm- probably 30 of the juice size glasses that would match - imagining one day I'll host a party like yours and need them for small wine glasses or kids juice glasses or... I've had to stop myself from buying more... :)

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