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June 04, 2010


joan hreno

hi - i adore apron thrift girl and read it faithfully. i so agree with your comments about thrifting and the need and desire to share your finds. i feel the same way. Yesterday i found a NEW marc jacobs silk skirt for 3$ - i don't really care about designer labels and the skirt doesn't fit me but it is a beautiful piece of clothing and i am thrilled. i am giving it to a friend who will treasure it. Actually - i think the word treasure reminds me of thrifting- it is like a treasure hunt. Thanks so much for your blog- i love it


Happy Blogoversary Selena! I've enjoyed reading your blog almost since the beginning. I hope to read you for many, many, years to come!

Leslie @ {Tiny Wings}

Gotta say thanks to Cathe for pointing me in this direction! Can't wait to read your blog -- you sound like a girl after my own heart!! Happy Blogiversary!!

Leslie @ {Tiny Wings}

Just started following you on Twitter, too! I'm @heypooks


Yay! I've been a facebook fan since the last giveaway! I do have a Tumblr though and happily reposted your picture you can find it here!
Thanks so much Selena for all you share with us. I love going to your site every day :)


That's cute that you're throwing a family party- happy anniversary! At work I'm required to stumble for various marketing reasons and I've been stumping Apron Thrift Girl posts along the way. Notice a lot of traffic from stumble upon lately?

I'll add that I've loved your blog since I first discovered it about two years ago, everything about it has been truly inspirational. I know how you feel with blogs and websites building a real community, I felt lonely in my new apartment until my interest was installed. After that it felt like I always had friends with me. Ah, PC nerding...


I remember when you were Aprons Tied Round - I think I've read nearly every post you've written. Love you! Happy Anniversary!

Tracey D

I loooove your blog. You make me want to go out thrifting every time I read it. I've only just begun visiting op-shops again & I love to look around my home & see the little treasures I've found. Happy Anniversary:)


Happy Anniversary! Just found you via an Etsy friend. Can't wait to start reading your posts! :)

Vicki K

This is Thrifting-Joy-in-a-Box! Four years? Well done, Selena. I love to read your blog - you have so many interesting things to share. Thank you for all your posts.

Ronda C.

I found you through Posie GC a while back and have enjoyed reading your blogs. I wish you all the best.


Hi and Happy Friday!

I read your blog daily, and am always either inspired, or learn something new (like during food posts); and am very thankful for you.

Love ya!



That is so awesome! I get such inspiration from your blog. I really enjoy reading it & drooling over the amazing thrifty finds! Especially those Matryoshka dolls! I collect them & not once here in my little town or anywhere else I have thrifted have I come across one.

Congrats on the 4 years


OMG girl, where have I been! How are you? Here's to 4 years of fabulous finds and crafty ideas. :)

Tracy (The Wardrobe Wanderer)

Yay Selena! This is fabulous and I want to WIN! haHA :D

joy bogacz

I hope, I hope it's my name that you pull!!!


I love your posts, look forward to them ;-)


Your blog is a constant inspiration. I have been thrifting since childhood and as I look around my home from my clothing to my dishes and furinture, I would say 95 percent is thrifed or reclaimed. I love to have history in my life and I find that in the thrifted. Thanks for the wonderful window into your life. I wish I knew you in person.


Thank you! Happy anniversary! I follow on Facebook.


Since all the great teachers say, "Do what you love and the $ will come," you are a blessed example of "How to do Life"! Whatever story is told about how you got to the blogesphere...I'm happy to know you through ATG! Happy, abundant, Four Years!

I admire your generous, playful and exciting giveaway! Congratulations!


And follow on Twitter (@CBJbookoflists). Thank you for the opportunity.

susie paro

As a lifelong thrifter who grew up in a family of people who wondered why the heck I would be interested in other people's old used stuff I love your blog- thanks for sharing all of your amazing finds.

Terri D

Congrats on 4 years!

Terri D

I follow you on Twitter!

Terri D

I follow you on Facebook

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