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September 29, 2010



I love your craft, excellent idea! I shared a craft I made out of fabric scraps. The original fabric bits are thrifted so it's a recycle/thrifted craft :) My favorite.

ana @ i made it so

i am so excited about this new feature selena! i'm constantly making new stuff out of old stuff, and i'd love to get inspiration from others who do the same.

your craft is cool...words, letters, typography, magnets... it all comes together so nicely!

Kelsey Kelly

These are so cool!


Another fantastic idea, Selena - thank you. I've put up a link to a little felt Matryoshka doll I recently finished which is partly made from thrifted materials. I really look forward to seeing all the other links and I love your tile magnets idea.


Fabulous - love those!!


You're awesome--I'll join up next week!


LOVE this! It inspires me to look for items to reuse.


Sounds fun! I'll try to actually FINISH something to share next week. :)

Alyssa @ Clever Penguin

Great new feature, and I think I'll be participating. I really love your letter tiles!


The perfect time of year for this kind of party sharing.

Teresa Raines

Thanks Selena for this. It is so much fun to share craft projects.


Fun idea! I just wanted to say though that everytime I look at your graphic, I see a nipple. :0


I made and shared alphabet magnets too! Yours are super cute and I also have been on the hunt for Anagrams after reading that Just Something I Made post too! Thanks for hosting these great link parties.


Great magnets and I love the Make Share idea. I'll try to get on board with something crafty next week.

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