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September 06, 2010



Wow! So very NEAT! I think renting it is a great idea. Tons of school projects, churches and such would love to have access to one for events.
Not sure of my silliest buy. Hmmm nothing on that scale for sure. But she is a BEAUTY!


Selena I LOVE it!!.......this is going to be SO much fun!!

Helen Ellis

Love it! You a perfect example of how doing what you love will bring you success.


I think this is awesome and I applaud you for having the courage to purchase it. What a wacky and wonderful find!


Yum, I love candy floss. What a fabulous find - good on you for buying it - and the idea of renting it out is genius.


You are now officially my hero. Last week I bought a larger style gumball machine. I can say "at least I did not..." and point to you.
You have given me my smile for the day. Remember to alternate arms. you don't want to build muscle only on one side.

I had a great day thrifting but haven't posted yet.

Saw you from Southern Hospitality. How fun, you are super Mom!


WOW.. I would never lusted it over it but never could have the courage to spend it. but you are right, renting it out is an excellent idea.

The wackiest item.... I bought, I dont think I have ever anything outlandish YET

Vicki K

The excerpt that made me bust out laughing:

'...I wondered seriously what I was thinking. One look at Dave's face helped me get there quickly."


Oh, I laughed! I can totally relate (and know the expressions on Dave's face because my husband usually has the same ones)!
I recently bought a Nils Jonsson teak mid century table and six chairs...not crazy until you consider that I have no room to store them...ouch!
I've bought lots of odd things but a cotton candy machine tops them all...


Wow. What a great find. I've never seen anything like this though would love to rent one for a party - I'm in Scotland so obviously a bit far, but I'm sure you'll have lots of takers. Well done you for taking the bull by the horns. Bx


Wowza! That is definitely a fantasy purchase, and I admire your chutzpah in just going for it.

I'll be keeping this in mind next March when planning a certain second-grader's birthday party in Santa Rosa...


My husband and I are avid thrifters, and we also have a running fantasy list. I never thought I would find the major item on mine (a ceramic kiln), but ended up buying one for $100 last year at an otherwise sparse estate sale. We're still on the look out for an endmill (for my husband's shop)...


This is AWESOME! the graphics- the intent everything! Good on ya for buying it. As soon as I started reading I thought rental too. It would be so cute at a birthday party!


Oh! This is AWESOME!

Truly, your kids are correct. You are THE best mom.

My most shocking buy was a vintage baby scale. Left my husband speechless for a bit. We are now in our fifties.

For the love of thrift

How cool! I love the bright pink colours. And it is a good investment, you can be thrifter by day and candy flosser by night! My silliest buy was a dreadful black dress from goodwill, for halloween. So bad it was good.


You are amazing!!!!! Absolutely LOVE this cotton candy machine, my girls would flip! And pink?! OMG! I often try to rationalize frivilous buys where I have buyers remorse but love how you are such a smart entrepreneur. I have no doubt that it will become the hot thing to rent for bday parties!



How cool is this? You are a cool mom!



Great find!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE cotton candy. You will have no problem making your money back. Love your blog.


It's a thing of beauty! Love the cart, the design, and the "organic" cotton candy. With a name like that, it's sure to be healthy...right? We can dream...


When I wanted cotton candy for Jack's 4th birthday carnival it was actually really hard to find someone who would sell me cotton candy on paper cones. In fact, Chuck E Cheese was the only place and I think they wanted $2/cone. I would TOTALLY have rented one from someone. If your craigslist is busy like ours is, I bet people are looking there.


My mom had a cotton candy machine when I was a kid and we used it every year at the FFA fair to raise money for my 4H group. It is a great thing to have for a fundraiser. Unfortunaley a friend of my moms borrowed it and we never saw it again:( I still miss it.


This is the first time I've ever visited your blog and I think you might just be my new heroine. I love this!!

Tracy @ The Wardrobe Wanderer

That is just adorable and wonderful! I can already envision your amazing cotton candy selling like hotcakes just about anywhere..I absolutely KNOW it'd be a hit at any event, and how FUN for your kiddos! WELL DONE!


HOW COOL!!!!! I totally would have rationalized a cotton candy are the best mom ever!! Neat story!

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