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January 26, 2011



I've been meaning to write about my thrifted collections, but I never get the pictures quite right. Yours here are beautiful, as always.

Your collection is beautiful. And your story reminds of the time I spent in a tent in my basement in Italy, typing up stories and enjoying the feeling of the keyboard under my fingers.

Amy Zimmer

So sweet! What a treasure to remember writing the story. 88 pages, phew, that's a novella!

You are amazing...xo A


What an amazing gift & pretty collection you have!
I collect vintage children's books & vintage books about dating in the 50's. It reminds me of how much I loved going to the library w my 3 sisters when I was a child. I loved the thrill of finding a good book & anticipation walking home w a small stack.
The books about dating in the 50's makes me yearn for sock hops, poodle skirts, soda fountain shops etc.


Beautiful collection, Selena! I don't know if I ever told you, but those letters came from an estate of a man who worked for John Deere Tractors his entire adult life. He had quite the shop.


This is probably one of the most fabulous collections. iam very happy to see this pictures.


I have been busy straightening up and it seems I have a lot of collections packed away. My goal for 2011 is to get them out and displayed.

However your mention of TollHouse cookies also has my mind going in another direction...


Ooh I love letters too. I actually have the same vintage stamp set and always think of reselling it...but just cant seem to let them go.
Fun stuff!!!

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I love my friends. I collect their letters regularly and respond them. Letters writing is a good activities rather than emails or chatting.I can express easily my thoughts and feelings in letters.


I believe my post disappeared

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