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January 24, 2011



I would be up to the eBay challenge. :) And would listen with open ears if anyone wants to complain about the fees. It is insane what I pay every months!

A La Modern

I totally hear you on wanting that clone! We generally have the exact same problem - tons of stuff we've found that need to be sold, but not enough time to list/sell them. You pretty much hit all the major points of what we wrote about for reselling - you either gotta list/sell more items or try and increase the profit per item. It's a dilemma...

I would love to try out the Ebay challenge - except we haven't even tried a single auction yet. Definitely going to look into it this year though... it's definitely good to try and diversify w/ reselling.


It sounds like a lot of work...a part time {maybe full time} job. I wish you the best of luck!



Just found your blog, and I am smitten!!!
The Ebay challenge may be just what we A.L.L. need to keep us motivated through the long dreary (at least here in the frigid NE) Winter months!! Count me in!
THANKS!! (would ETSY be counted in on this?)


I wouldn't be able to commit to the challenge (I have commitment issues) but I've started to list more, too, because of the higher volume of 'stuff' vs. the 'getting it out of my house.' I've basically stopped thrifting because of the overwhelming feeling of being overwhelmed!

My Goodwill stores in this area -- once things are on the 1/2 price color, at the beginning of the next week ALL of that stuff gets tossed out. aaarrrrggghhhh.....I must save as much as I can of the cool vintage stuff!!! but my basement and garage are bursting at the seams.

I need the clone, too, and I will try to meet your challenge, no promises but I can be a little competitive so who knows what might happen! LOL

Leah in FL

I have only sold college textbooks on Amazon, but think their fees are way too high. Why do you sell your books there instead of Ebay?

A listing challenge sounds fun. I need to figure out if I can find enough items to justify an Ebay store.

Susan Stamm

I would definitely like to try the challenge. I re-sell a bit in a booth and at shows, but have yet to venture into on-line re-selling. It all seems a bit overwhelming to me. Count me in- I would like to list 100 items in Feb-I have lots of inventory, but like the idea of a set price in the store, rather than an auction.


I need to clean out the basement and would be able to list 100 things. I am up for the challenge. I love selling but hate mailing.

Beth Leintz

Interesting- at one time I sold on ebay and around 300 at one time between store and auction- and sold between $1000- $3000 per month- but it got to be so tedious. Your post has made me think about selling on ebay again- because like everyone else has mentioned, I sure do have the inventory.

Krissy @ B.Inspired Vintage

I'm so excited to have stumbled upon your blog. This is just the kick in the tush that I need! I would love to participate in the challenge, but I haven't had any luck with eBay when I've tried it. I'm still debating. Maybe with your eBay tips to come will convince me. But I would definitely want to list in my Etsy shop if that would count!

Selena Cate

Im more than happy to make it the 100 Items Listed challenge. (or something like that) I wouldnt want to exclude anyone and I realize that we all sell on different channels to market. Our goal is to get items listed and for them to sell.
xoxo Selena


I'll join you--I need to go find stuff! I totally get you on the becoming an expert by "happen chance". I've had success with perfume lately on ebay & find myself heading towards that part of the house first at every sale I attend. Very timely post, thanks :)

Robin ;-)

I am up for the challenge. I have an ebay store and haven't listed anything for almost a month. I need the motivation, too, as I have way, way more stuff sitting around here that I need to sell and don't seem to get listed. Count me in for sure. I am game for the 100 items listed.

Shopping Golightly

I've some nice items I could part with. Like you, I feel so overwhelmed by tackling both front and back ends on the office. Perhaps with your guidance I could shift. Is this something that we'd do as a group? I could promote it on The Thrifty Chicks.


I'm there! I'm shooting for more like 200 (or more) a month but 100 is reasonable.:)


I'll be happy to join you. After being lost in piles of paperwork through the rest of this week, listing things will be like a breath of fresh air.


I would be up for the challenge! I got to burnt out after Christmas.


I am in the listing challenge. I actually did NOT go out thrifting this weekend. even though I could use inventory but I was overwhelmed and couldnt handle bringing in another thing.


I'm down! I just wrote a post today about all the reselling stuff I have thrown all over the place. My goal would be more like 30 items a month.
Just like Cindy said up there, I *hate* the shipping part. The other day I actually dug in a dumpster behind a hair salon for boxes! Shhh!


I just love your blog! I have things of my own to sell, but have been concerned about giving out my home address. I also have mobility issues which means only small packages to the PO. Also financial issues -- I couldn't afford any fees. That's
getting better. So, I'm thinking about selling on eBay or ETSY or someplace. Your posts are so packed with practical advice. I really enjoy your blog. I wouldn't want to list anything until the weather is nicer for me to be able to get out, but I will commit to finding out how to use eBay or Etsy and deciding whether to sell on there or not. May I suggest adding more categories when you post? On this one, if you also had an eBay tag I could pull up just posts with eBay tips. I was wondering if you have an article that explains why eBay vs ETSY. I will use that reselling tag and look forward to exploring your past posts.


I smiled to myself reading your entry and all the comments! It sounds like we are all in the same boat...lots and lots of stock, but not always enough time to sell! Factor in that same attraction of finding new things to sell...and comes in quicker than it goes!
I'm TOTALLY up for a 100 item listing challenge. I have listed on ebay for years (can't stand their fees...but I could rant on and on about that), etsy for a couple of years (still love their format, although I can see the clientele is shifting) and plan to start on ABE/Amazon (still trying to figure out the costs and selling rates). I can totally relate to your comments, can anyone possibly pass up an item at a garage sale that's worth $$$ and I would LOVE to have a clone to do all the less interesting chores. If I could do the thrifting, the photos, and the research and someone else could measure, inspect and clean...sigh...that would be heavenly.
And for those who don't like the shipping things that I find helps is channelling my inner Martha Stewart and adding pretty little tags or thank you cards. Makes me feel a little creative and gets me past the 'chore' part! :)


If we were neighbors (again), I would totally be your Apron Thrift Girl 2! Sounds fun. Maybe there's someone near you who could be that person for you?


So glad I found your blog! I relate to so much I've read/seen so far...I've been trying to devote just 2 hours a day to the non-thrifting part of the Ebay and Etsy and have yet to accomplish that! I continue to put myself on restriction from thrifting and now will usually only buy something if it's a dollar or less in hopes of buying less. Doesn't work. I also am a big recycler and crafter, so I also have a problem with collecting 'trash' to be converted to art of some kind (or sold online haha). Must go list now. Ciao for now.


As part of the thrifting challenge, I think that it would be very useful if people kept track of the number of hours invested. Sometimes I wonder if reselling pays more than the minimum wage.

Selena Cate

That is a good idea Livvy. In fact it would be great for everyone to tally up their hours, how many of the 100 items sold and COG (cost of goods). It is hard to compare directly to a minimum wage job for me because Id much prefer to work from home and ReSell even for minimum wage than go out and work in a grocery store or restaurant. Even when I am thrifting on the weekends and its work it still feels like play sometimes. For me to have a job that pays, one that I enjoy and one that I have fun with is kind of like living a dream life. I do think anyone that considers ReSelling needs to look at all sides of it and that includes number of hours per week that is involved.
xoxo Selena

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