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January 23, 2011


A La Modern

Some really nice finds there! I had no idea that Memory game had the Eames connection - we had it in the 70s, but probably they probably changed the art by that time. I'll have to keep an eye out for the one you found. Oh, I thought I saw a similar 1966 Memory game on Ebay - at least some of the cards looked the same. Box was different though, search completed for "memory milton bradley"...


Oh how i want that dr seuss book (drooling)...


The earrings are beautiful. I have a Memory game, different than yours, says "Original Memory Game" on the box and it must be from the 60's as it was my daughters.

I posted a thrift find today and linked you!



Congrats on the gold and silver finds. I always look for old games. I'll be adding Cross Over The Bridge to my list of hope-to-finds. Thanks for hosting again this week.


I LOVE the vintage tiles and the Dr. Suess book! That would be perfect for crafting!


Fox in Sox! My all time favorite! I participate regularly in TSM, but cannot figure out how to add the button to my blog.
Any advice?

Shopping Golightly

My heart goes to the measure and the thimble. One year little Pie asked for a thimble for Christmas and I couldn't find a vintage one that wasn't outrageously priced. Grr.

I scored a 1940's stapler this weekend. They're common on EBay but - as well you know ATG - it's not the purchase, it's the find that matters. When Little Pie saw it, she gasped, "Wow! That's so awesome!" Makes me think I'm raising her right. Been slow lately to get pics up of my latest scores but, they're coming in.

Selena Cate

Heres a helpful site Janice for uploading buttons to your sidebar:
Scroll down to the part about Wordpress.
It took me forever to get it down on Typepad but havent tried it on Wordpress yet.  I hope the link will be able to help you.


That's the memory game I had as a kid! I loved it. Bet it's still at my parents' house, too. Hmmm. Maybe someday I'll see about digging through their attic for all my old things.

And oh that little silver rule is wonderful! What a great bunch of finds.


Oh my goodness, you had some amazing finds this week!!! The memory game is spectacular as well as the owl book plates and the vintage stencils!!! Very cool!!! Congrats on a very successful thrifting week :-)

Leah in FL

Love the earrings and Vintage games and my daughter would have loved the owl book plates. Guess I will have to be a little quicker in the future. :)

Stephanie Coop

Well what you know, i found the same Memory Game... I searched high and low for info. I asked a flickr friend who knows a ton about illustrations and he said some are from Alice and Martin Provensen. I did not read inside the box lid and will do so ASAP. Mine is 1966 and I also saw one listed on ebay just last week. I whispered OMG!!! When I saw the box. I am going to keep it and have already glued tiny clothes pins to the backs of several and I am going to hook them on chicken wire that i will put on an old frame. I want to look at them ever day!!! Love your blog, it is in my top 5 favorites!!!! Thank you as always for the work you put into posting!!


I have that very same Memory game that has been mine since I was a little girl. I have always loved it, and I treasure it to this day. I even did a post about it on my own blog. Well, now, I am even more in love with it after reading here about the Eames connection - I had no idea! I only knew that I loved the images on the cards. Thanks!


I just realized that although the tiles in the Memory game you found are the same as mine, my box cover is different - a slightly earlier version, I believe. I love the Provensen's illustrations, their books are some of my vintage favorites in my collection. Thank you for this post!

Kelsey Kelly

Wonderful finds!


You are so lucky you found those gold earrings. So many people are making money by picking up cheap gold at tag sales and selling it because gold prices are so high.
I love the Eames Memory game! If I'd had that as a kid I never would have stopped playing.
Thanks for the adding the button info, I knew it had to be fairly simple.


Ooh, love those Eames cards in the game -- how wonderful! And that German silver rule is gorgeous, too!


O MY I love the Memory game! what a great find. And THANK YOU "ten hundred percent" (as my 5 year-old says) for the great thrifty finds, as well as your insights on what to look for, and links to sources on information on the kids books. Someday I may be willing to part with some of my vintage ones.... maybe...


How do you manage to part with such treasures? Those memory game cards are just awesome. I always read about your great finds and think you must have amazing self-discipline to be able to sell it!


Nice picture.Thank you so much for all you've done - this was a fitting summary!

Barbie Games

I really value your piece of work, Great post


Those 14k clip earrings were an absolute steal for ten bucks! The gold in them alone is probably worth more than that, let alone the fact they're real cute. What a find =)


I like the gold and silver earing it look awesome in the pictures . I like to give this types of the earing to mine friends and relative .


How amazing are those things? Lucky you!

I follow you now. I hope you don't mind. :)

Bisou from Vienna

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