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January 30, 2011


amy zimmer

Awesome Chair! Score all around!


I might have to buy those mushrooms, I love 'em!

Sophie Isobel

Wow! So many amazing finds this week! Great chair and I do love those little mushrooms!
Sophie x


Hey Selena! I thought of you this weekend when I was scrounging around an estate sale (my first one ever) and found 5 handmade aprons!! You popped into my mind immediately! :) Can you believe I saw similar salt and pepper shakers (about 5 sets) for $10 each! Obviously the company selling the contents knew their value. :( I wanted one set so bad. Oh well.


Fab stuff as usual, those little toadstool candleholders are very cute. Am sure my mum used to have some teeny ones for cakes - birthday candle sized.

I've just joined your thrift share for the first time - not quite in your league yet though!


All gorgeous finds, but I covet that cloud-like vintage writing chair most of all! Looks like you had an amazing time thrifting!

Linda @ A La Carte

Looks like you found great items and wonderful prices! Love the salt and pepper shakers and the toadstools are too cute.


As usual, great finds and advice; especially the sweeping so many times (more than I usually do, so I am taking notes). I totally agree with you on the vintage containers. I have all my teas in tins, mostly vintage, now.


Memory is such a funny thing. I envied my friends who were the "popular girls" that had those overnight cases. When we went on scout trips I had my mom's clunky OLD suitcase, which I think was probably her mom's. Today that would be cool.
The sewing supplies bring back memories too, but I can feel your chair. I know that fabric so well.
Had to giggle when you thought the "vintage" shoeboxes were a find. How many did I cut up to make into playhouses.
I have been looking for small S&Ps forever. Not very recycled or thrifted around here. Have never seen the enamel top version. Tres Chic!
Have to admit I love the colors of the pipe cleaners. I grew up with plain old white, and occasionally brown ones, so colors that pop are exciting.


I LOVE those dishes--they are fabulous. You are such a furniture magnet--I have the most difficult time finding anything good!

Diann @ the thrifty Groove

Wow, you found some fantastic things! Love the box with the sewing items! And the Mod napkins are great!!

Katie Trott

you totally scored! I can't believe that wonderful blue box was filled with sewing notions. For $1! I get so greedy at the thrift. I'm always afraid I will miss something :)


Fabulous finds. Especially love the vanity case and that chair - wow!


I love your blog! I've never partaken in the 'sharing' but I'm going to give it a try. I thrift a lot, don't post too much, so I need to try something new. I haven't really taken the time to peruse too much of your blog yet but I plan to (I'm giving myself an hour a day to check out new blogs etc. in the cyberworld). Thanks for the inspiration!


I'm late to the party today! Those are great finds. I really love the chair, style & fabric. Also, the necklace! It reminds me of one I have with hearts rather than flowers. I always get compliments when I wear it.

Beth S

That case is GORGEOUS! Great find!


Loving all of this! Especially the mod necklace! Great finds as always!

Angela @Whatcha Find?


OMG, I love all your finds especially the vintage case & mushroom candle holders! How exciting to find the treasures inside! Everytime I read your blog, I want to go to shopping.

Btw, you had mentioned doing a sale at some point at your house. Are you still considering it?

Selena Cate

Mary, I am still considering this idea. In fact I was thinking of having a sort of studio sale this coming spring. I might make it a yearly event.
xoxo Selena


you got yourself some good finds there...and for almost nothing! nice!!


if you have a studio sale, i may have to come to california. :-)
i love the COLOURS. the vintage case and the chair - i just love that turquoise blue; it must be one of the happiest colours on the planet.
i made a personal score this weekend: i found a pair of dark brown heeled mules, which i've been looking for for months. it seems you can get every shade of brown except dark. finally sound some at the Value Village in Langley (BC).


What a fun sale! The dish pattern is very cute but I don't think I know what it is. I like the color of the little round case and the Pendelton!

Leah in FL

What great finds, Selena! Your new/old chair looks so comfy - enjoy it. :)

Cherished Hearts Vintage

The chair!!! What a wonderful find!


Love the hat box. Thanks for hosting again.

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