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February 06, 2011



You know the pickin's were slim here this week too. funny. I kinda like the Golden Gate piece my self, it's funky.

A La Modern

Oh nice - those Wirkkala glasses are a great find! I've been trying to thrift those forever. The thrifting was actually pretty decent here in SoCal this weekend, but I think the weather really helped the mood. I'm pretty thankful about it because I know the Midwest and everyone has been snowed in...

That cast iron pyrex warmer is unusual looking - I hadn't seen it before or didn't remember. I checked in Mauzy's 3rd ed. and found it (pg 119), but it was just called a Pyrex Carafe w/ Candle Warmer 8 cup capacity. Box was #288. I think this base went with a number of different carafes, cause saw it w/ a diff carafe in the Rogove-Steinhauer book (pg 121). That one said 1956 Fall gift promo.

Faith Hope and Charity Shopping

I love the glasses, very Ice Queen of Narnia. Aren't you really tempted to keep them for yourself? I like the pyrex too, and the wrapping paper is cute.

As usual I just stuck my head in my local charity shop, but did manage to get myself £90 worth of Le Crueset for £3, so am pretty pleased with myself!



Not sure why but I am tempted with the needles. I will take my chances though as it is not a "must have" item right now.
I am one of those snowed in and going a bit crazy. Thrift stores (which I have even avoided this week) do not offer the same hunting thrill as yard and estate sales. I have to remind myself that church sales are only 2 months away.

Shopping Golightly

Too funny about the party favors. I just finished collecting my last tea cup and saucer for Little Pie's birthday favors. Given that, I wrote a post on thrifted party favors. I love iittalia and do pass over it a lot. Funny the things you pass over when you know that there's a lot of great stuff out there.


The beginning of the month is always tight wallet time for me so no thrifting done this week but I'm drooling over everyone else's purchases. Maybe I'll dig up some old photos that I never posted before to share.


I'm in LOVE with that sculpture as well, abstract styles speak to my soul. :) I also love that icicle-like Finish glass and the playful, colorful wrapping paper!

Robin ;-)

We just dug our way out of 29" of snow and are expecting 3-6" more so I haven't done any thrifting in the past week or so. I am enjoying seeing what everyone else is finding, though, and basking in your virtual sunshine, Selena! I love the Golden Gate Bridge scuplture, btw. We have a special connection with San Fran as my husband works for a company that supplied cable for the bridge and still supplies the cable for the cable cars. What a beautiful city!


Slim pickings here, too. That said, everything we get is already up on Ebay or Amazon, and some has already SOLD! Yay!!! Late at an estate sale we found a vintage Dansk carving set. It's so beautiful!


Hi, Selena, what sweet finds! My dad and step mom have a sculpture very similar to that one, but it's an owl. I will have to have them look on the bottom to see if it is a Jere. My sweet mom always used to hang her jewelry on it before she passed away. I'm hoping that it'll be passed to me someday. :)

I went to two thrift stores this weekend, including Goodwill outlet, and only walked away with a book that my daughter picked out. So disappointed!


Not bad at all for a slow thrift weekend! I love the glassware & sculpture--excited to see if you sell at the Alameda Flea Market!


Great stuff. My favorites are those pretty glasses and the bridge sculpture. It's very cool, and that style of metal work always reminds me of my childhood.


I'm intrigued by that wonky looking bridge. I like the design. But it also reminds me of a recurring nightmare I had years ago of being on a bridge and having it warp, twist and crumble beneath me. Absolutely terrifying. Still, it's interesting to look at.


To remind you how much I LOVE Thrift Share Monday! I'm not a blogger, am a thrifter, and absolutely love spending time every Monday from Australia to Canada & throughout the U.S. adventure-thrifting with everyone! (Sometimes too much time!) BIG thank-you for TSMondays!

ps I also love the look of the vintage graphics of the needle packages & that your Pyrex is EXACTLY the big bowl of my Mom's nest of Pyrex when I was growing up! *sigh*


Ha! I find it funny how your slim pickin's make my slim pickin's look so sad and lonely. Glad you enjoyed such beautiful weather!


Thrifting was hard for me yesterday, too. The store I went to was sooo over priced! Every once in a while it's like that -- volunteers were over-zealous. So I didn't buy much.


AWESOME finds! My sister just decided to start collecting that Pyrex pattern. The vintage wrapping paper is adorable. Let me know if you decide to sell it - I want some!

Belle Styler

You had great finds that weekend. The glasses are really something! The design is very unique. Nice catch!

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