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March 27, 2011


Vintage Scapes

It's amazing how serendipitous life can be. I hope it brought a smile to your face and helped mend your heart.


Corgis! Just in time for the royal wedding!


Well, there you go...and my prized possession this week was my blue wool winder. It is my belief (from the Church of Nick) that loved ones souls stay with us and send litle messages like your corgis...that everything has gives me compfort anyway,

Faith Hope and Charity Shopping

I was sorry to hear about your dog, I know how pets become a member of the family. The universe certainly has some strange ways that we'll never fully understand. I'd never heard of Tasha Tudor but those corgi illustrations are lovely.

Bonnie Sweeney

See? That was Ellfin telling you he'll always be with you and that he's ok.
We lost our 14 year old Dachshund a year ago in February and I'm sitting here crying for your loss and for mine. Anyone who doesn't understand the grief you go through has never owned a dog. God Bless.


I think Vintage Scapes said it best! Life is serendipitous indeed! Those Tudor corgi illustrations are wonderful. :) Also - all those different fiber textures are so interesting!


That sale looks lovely! And what a blessing to find those Cogis!


So nice to see you there! It was so nice that you & I were the only ones oogling over the fiber. And that there was more than enough to go around! I used to have an angora goat named Andy who had white locks exactly like that.
See you soon!
Thanks for the link to Feltfarm!!

Nostalgic in Maine

I have also had peculiar encounters like that, and I have concluded that even if they are mere coincidences, they mean a lot to ME. And that's what matters :-)

BTW, after reading about your love for Tasha Tudor on a previous blog post of yours, I came across one of her illustrated books (about Christmas) in my local swapshop. After I picked it up, a lady wondered if I was willing to swap it with her for another children's book. I said no, sorry, I just found out about her (from ATG) and just had to have it. I felt a little mean, but I really felt that book was meant for me after having read about her here. And wow - she was one fantastic illustrator, and her book was a favorite with my kids. Will bring it out again next Christmas.


love the serendipitous nature of your corgi find. that's just lovely. also love the tasha tudor illustrations! wonderful! i love the way you include information about the people whose estate sales you visit. it sort of makes their story/life continue for a bit, doesn't it?
my son did a little thrifting this weekend and found a recording of the band from my old highschool (20 years before my time there, still) on vinyl. very fun.


oh! forgot to comment on the felt art - oh. my. gosh. it is amazing! and yes, you should totally own that felted owl - that is so you! wow her stuff is unbelievable.


Funny how I found the same corgi this weekend but he was all chipped. And I just love those trimmings.


I finally completed (sort of) a Thrift Share Monday blog post!!!! Even though it's Wednesday. For me, a huge accomplishment. Thanks for the inspiration!!!!

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