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April 06, 2011


Sue H.

If I could do ANYTHING, I would make a living traveling with a trailer, thrifting. No daily job to hold me down at home.


When we do the things we love, we help others to do the same :)


If I could do anything (money no objection) I'd take a year to travel and study abroad. I'd especially love to: participate at the European Kundalini Yoga Festival in france, explore Goddess sacred sites allover the Mediterranean (Crete, Greece etc), enroll in some Kripalu nutrition courses, do workshops with Sark, Barbara Sher, Karen Kingston and Dottie Angel. I'll devote much more energy to yoga, raw food, volunteer work, family genealogy,anthropology and herbalism. All with massive doses of thrifting, obviously. After this exciting year I'd love to settle down into a fixer-upper of a home with garden and adopt a dog (after 2 years since my doggie's death I feel I'm slowly recovering enough to adopt another stray). And after that I'd start earning money writing books and leading workshops form what I learnt from my experiences. And if I'm still single, adopt a child.
Wow, sorry for the long post, but it feels soooo good! :-)

Linda Clor

Assuming I need to be working, I would be a grahic artist. I love working with graphics, photos etc. I just feel that it is to late for me to start school. I tried taking a course and found that there were way to many younger people that coule run rings around me.
Linda C.

Maria R

Thanks for telling us about this book. Even if I do not win, I will have to seek this book out. I'm 44 and still don't know what I want to do when I grow up!! I would love to be able to sew and craft full time making baby toys, baby clothing, baby decor, etc. I remember being pregnant and what a magical time it seemed daydreaming of who and what my little guy would become. I just want to make some magic for some other little ones.

Heather @ retrodame

If I could do anything, I would be a personal thrift shopper, aka a personal treasure hunter. I would never tire of scouring thrift shops, flea markets, and antiques shops on a mission to find that one special object for a person. I think it would be just as exciting and joyful to find those things for the people as it would to be paid by them for doing so!

If I could choose I would have not worked for a year, and tried to write a novel!

amy zimmer

Thanks Selena,

If money were no object: I would teach a parenting/how to be a responsible grown-up course while running a free after school tutoring program and attending writing workshops and sew in my free time. On weekends, I would thrift to my hearts content to find materials to sew and craft with.

Jackie @ Let's Go Thrifting!

Well in some small way I'm living part of the dream I've had for myself from a young age: I am a writer. But I'd love to be a full-time writer who travels cross-country and eventually the world, to speak with people from all walks of life. I love holding casual interviews with plenty of coffee and cigarettes and just talking and all of its complexities.

Of course in my travels, I'd be cruising the back roads in a fabulous pea-green vintage VW Minibus and filling it with photographs, post cards and souvenirs from road side attractions...and the most amazing thrifted finds known to man.


OMG! I think your my long lost twin sister.

Information doesn't stick to my brain. I flat line when I hear politics or history. Useless information is a magnet along with dialog from movies. Someone could say a few words and immediately my brain goes into movie mode and I hear the few words said from a movie.

I'm 33 and still wondering what I want to do when I grow up. As a career I don't know what would make me truly happy. I love to sew, but if I relied on it as an income I can see where I might not enjoy it any more. If I could win the lottery so that I would never have to work another day for an income I think I would be happy making and selling items just for S N G's.

You've inspired me to go out thrifting, and I've recently opened up a Etsy shop in hopes to establish my want to sell things I make and find. It's more of a hobby then looking to make big bucks. Three weeks into it and I've sold one item, but I'm still listing items. Hopefully, I'll be discovered among the bajillion items posted there. Last month I bloged about how I've wanted to sell for years, way back when. Do you remember Ebay when connections were dial up, and you were charged by the minute using AOL?

The book sounds amazing and I would love to read it. If I don't win it I'll definitely look it up.

Oh and I too have an 11 yr old and soon to be 8 yr old (see we are twins)


I'm 59 years old and still don't know what I want to do when I grow up! I'm in a dead-end job that (sort of ) pays the bills! If I could do anything I want, first of all I'd be able to afford to retire and start figuring things out. I'd finally be organized. I'd make more quilts, do more knitting, and spend time with my precious grandson (6 mos. old today). I'd spend more time reading, do some volunteering,finally get the archives organized at church, and if I still need money I'd finally be doing well on ebay and possibly etsy (just getting started on ebay). I'd still be reading your blog because it's so helpful and inspiring. I might start one of my own!


I live far away and I'm not on Facebook, but I'd still love to read the book. I think my dream would be to own a Waldorf/natural style toy, clothes and craftshop, secondhand and new things. A real brick store where I can talk to people. I would combine it with craftworkshops for kids, teach them how to knit, sew and draw.
But like you probably can imagine, sometimes this dream gets pushed aside and I have new dreams. All the time! It's tiring but exciting at the same time.



I'd love to write childrens books;-)


I have so many dreams and I want to do all of them.

I want to be a novelist
I want to write children's books.
I want to be a professional thrifter
I want to work at Disneyworld
I want to help write stories for Disney.
I want to travel the world as an urban archaeologist
I want to raise bees
I want to garden on a roof top.
I want to help artists whose work is being stolen through the internet.

Yesterday was my eighteenth birthday. I'm starting to realize that now I've got to start getting to my dreams, but I don't know how to do it.


Pattie in San Francisco

Dear Selena: My son also was wild about Ferraris at the same age. I know you sometimes go to Marin County to thrift. Try to stop at the Ferrari dealership just north of Sausalito off of 101. Granted, this was at least 10 years ago, but I stopped there with my son so he could look at the Ferraris and the salesman let him sit in the different models, gave him a bunch of brochures and sale sheets, and even took him on a test drive in one of the models. He was in heaven. I hope they still have the same courtesy of making a young boy's dream come true.


I would like to travel around the world teaching, helping other find/use clean water, and collect stories.


Oh my gosh, how could I ever pick just one dream. I have so much I would love to do whether it be working or just leisure. Right now I feel like I have no chance whatsoever of living my dreams. I feel way way stuck where I am. But if I could I would open a bakery and bake lovely wonderful breads and sweets, open a quilt shop and sew and sell, craft popular items, rehab a cute cottage house and raise all my food, get a dog to be a great companion, travel all over the US in a trailer, then travel all over Europe, write a novel about all my experiences then with recipes too. I just can't settle on anything specific that I even think or have the talent to do anyway. And I am 60 and still haven't figured my life out. You are so blessed to have met such a wonderful man that helped you be you. I was raised by a never happy with me mom and then I was whatever my husband wanted me to be until he had a midlife crisis and left me and my four children. After that I just did what I could to grow up and support them. Oh well, enough of the complaining. I love how you share your growth and learning and love of your life and family. Hope I win and you be blessed today.Thanks for the opportunity to share.


If I could do anything, I'd write a fabulous love story and get it published, and I'd have a jewelry makeover business. And I know that the only thing stopping me from trying these things is me, but I feel so inhibited and overwhelmed by the process of taking things that I love, romantic fiction and making jewelry, and making them into a viable business. Apron Thrift Girl (Serena) I've read all your blog entries, I read all our archived writings, and I am thankful for YOU! You are an inspiration. I found your bog when I was googling decorating with thrift store finds last spring when I was settling into a new place to live and feeling lonely and wanting some inspiration for our new place. Thank you for everything.


Your thoughts are so interesting. It is so hard sometimes to be a square peg in a round hole sort of world. It is a blessing, in so many ways to get older and realize that you are not alone. I think that is a great thing about the internet - we can find each other!

It sounds like we have many common experiences, many different ones too - but I "get" you perfectly and I imagine you would "get" me too. (and so many of your other readers too!)


Love this post. My son wanted to be a Jedi Knight and that has actually translated into a passion for films. He's applied to film school for this coming september. He also dreams of being a rock star - not a very practical child but what can i expect when he was raised to follow his dreams? I so relate to you!!
If i could do anything it would be to write the great Canadian novel, travel to interesting places with my husband, hire a gardener so i never have to pull a damn weed again, read and read and read all the books i want to read, learn to be fluent in french, create collage art, blog more often. (but first i'm going to learn how to make that cold press coffee you wrote about yesterday.)
i LOVE your blog, Selena. i also dream about meeting you some day! some day when i do a road trip to California!


Even if I don't get the book a lot of times I think it's good to get thoughts like this written down so you can try and realize them...WOW
I'd like to be able to stay at home and not "go to work" for someone else
I'd like to make a living selling my artwork made from my thrifted finds
I'd like to travel,travel,travel
I'd like to help others in need
I'd like to be a better wife,friend and mother by not being stressed out due to my work!
Thanks for the opportunity Selena..Lov you.


My dream job is some sort of graphic design - it sounds silly, but I would be so happy designing beer bottle labels :) Also, I really hope to get into reselling when I have a larger space at my disposal (instead of my tiny apartment). This was a great post, thank you!


I'd love to be a passionate, energetic craftsperson or artist, like William Morris, or Louise Bourgois. I've never had much drive to see my own projects to completion, so I'm envious of people who have the ability to excel at a variety of skills, and have that consuming kind of focus. In the meantime, I'd just love to find a career I could enjoy. Thanks!


The thing is, I've always known what I wanted to do since I was in high school. I remember telling my college friends in great details, the exact job I wanted after graduation and they all laughed. I really got it!!

10 years ago, my ex-boss asked me what I wanted to do 10 years later. Unbelievably, I am doing exactly that and actually working with him for the last 8 years on a different continent and working from home like I said.

But I no longer love what I do and for the first time, I am lost. I don't know what the next stage of my life is going to be, I do know I love buying and selling things, meeting people, chatting with them but it is really not enough to make a living.

I really want to find out what I want and what makes me happy. But how am I going to find it if I don't know what I am looking for?

Thanks for letting me think aloud?


Working and making a living have to be part and parcel of any of my dreams and my biggest difficulty has never been lack of talent but the inability to chose (a major, a career path etc). I've often envied those for whom both the choice and the path is clear ... for example if on wants to be an attorney or a doctor, a college professor or an architect -- the steps one needs to take are quite clear.

My current dream is to live in Alsace France and combine my own creative work with textiles and fibers with a providing research and design assistance working with the database at this amazing place

I would love to win this book!

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