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April 17, 2011



Happy Birthday Selena! Hope your day is great and full of thrifty finds.


Happy Birthday my sweet Selena! Love you and love the bike too!

Erica Louise

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Selena, Happy Birthday to youuuuuu! I adore your last fabric find, gorgeous bright colors.


It looks like all your birthday wishes have come true! Hope you have a very Happy Birthday...

my thrifty closet

Happy birthday to you! What a lovely bike!


Happy Birthday! And happy new transportation options, both are fabulous.

Faith Hope and Charity Shopping

Penblwydd Hapus i chi! (I am back home in Wales). Gorgeous bike and fabric and congrats on your car x


Glad you had a happy birthday weekend. Love the bike, you lucky girl! Bx


wishing you the loveliest of birthdays
your new bike is a that colour


It sounds like you had a happy birthday. I hope this year continues to shine down blessings and happiness to you throughout.
I added a link up top and accidentally linked to the wrong page on my blog (one not related to thrifting). I can't find how to go back and remove it, so I'm sorry for that. I have linked up before with no problems, I must need some sleep. Anyway, sorry for the wrong link, that doesn't have a link back. There is one on the page I intended to link back though. :)


Happy to hear you had a lovely birthday! Love the bike!


Happy Belated Birthday Selena! So glad your parents were able to visit you and bring your 2nd car! Sounds like you had a wonderful birthday! Love the bike too!

Happy Birthday Selena. May all the surprises of the years ahead be thrifted ones and all the troubles be retail ones.



Oh I am so glad you had a fabulous birthday - what a warm and wonderful family you have! Hope it made up for the horrid time you had at the KOA. Happy birthday Selena.


It sounds like you had just the perfect day. The love of family can envelop us as warmly and comforting as a blanket. I wish you a healthy, happy and prosperous year. Your sweet personality resonates throughout your blog and we are all so lucky that you make the time to inspire and enlighten us about thrifting and selling. Wish I wasn't on the opposite coast, I would adore meeting you in person!

Leah in FL

Happy Belated Birthday, Selena! Sounds like you had a wonderful time with those you love and what great gifts!

Sorry to hear of the loss of your furry family member.

Blessings, Leah


Wow- it sounds as if your birthday made up for the KOA disaster. (Well, the rest of your trip sounded wonderful.) A new bike and a second car (finally!) - there will be no keeping you home now. Well, maybe gas prices... keeping us all closer to home.


Happy birthday Selena, as you may remember april 17 is also my birthday. I was in the lovely roman countryside frolicking in the pastures :-)
Take care and blessed be.


Sounds like my kind of birthday! The bike looks super cool--so happy you got a second car--you have nice parents. Have a great week!

Junker Newbie Stephanie

Happy Birthday!
I also didn't go out thrifting this weekend. Instead I spent the weekend home (for a change!), hanging with my hubby & son and redecorating my house. Since I didn't go out thrifting I linked to pics of how I redecorated my mantels with what I already had. Hope that is ok!


Happy Birthday, Selena! Congrats on the second care and that great bike!!!


Wow! Sounds like you had a great weekend. Happy Birthday. Love your new bike.


Happy birthday! You will so love that bike, it is fantastic for tooling around. I just sold mine, only because I dearly love mountain biking and the electra didn't do to bad! Very stable ride, but not hardwired for all of that.:) Seriously good quality bikes though. Congrats on your new car and I'm glad you had a good weekend. You deserve it!

Into Vintage

Happy Birthday!! Sounds like it was a terrific weekend for you and your family. I especially love the part about your mom and the big, red bow. :-) Wishing you a wonderful & successful year beyond your wildest dreams.


Happy Birthday, S! What generous gifts...... you are very loved. ;D

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