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May 29, 2011



That is one fantastic hat. I can tell you that the brim is too narrow to be a fedora. I think what you have is a flexible derby with a high crown. Are the crown and brim of the hat hard or soft? I have images from the Jno. J Mitchell Co. Catalogs with men wearing this style of hat from 1901-1910. But the price makes me think it's from the 20's or 30's.

You could try emailing photos to Miller Hats, they're located in Houston and have been carrying Stetsons for a long time. Another helpful source might be DelMonico's here in New Haven.

Also the bigger the hat size, the more a vintage hat is generally worth. As we've evolved our heads are getting bigger, but old hats stay the same small sizes. At any rate, you've done very well.

Vintage Scapes

Wow, you had an amazing week! The hat reminds me of the one in the painting Man in the Bowler Hat but I'm afraid that's the only hat related reference I can offer. Good luck!

The Thriftaholic (Leilani)

You always seem to find fantastic art, I love that the mini painting has a hardcarved frame.

Sadly no info on the hat for you-- I too thought it was a bowler but I don't have much knowledge about mensware.

my thrifty closet

lovely lovely finds. The hat is delightful! You have exquisite taste and truly an inspiring thrfiter.



What an amazing selection of finds. I LOVE the hat and the water colour by W M Mitchell. Totally gorgeous.


I think Monogirl is spot on about the hat. A derby was going to be my suggestion as well. They are very sought after for the steampunk crowd at the moment especially in such a pretty gray, usually you can only find them in black and brown.

I signed up for a Worthpoint trial this week to research the prices on vintage Lilly Pulitzer. I could only find one example of the style of pieces I found three of and I'm really excited about what I seem to have stumbled across. I LOVE buying vintage clothes at an estate sale especially because the sale company is usually so happy to get rid of the clothes that they just give me a flat price per garbage bag! :)


Your ladybug wallet reminds me that I have a treasured ladybug stickpin from when I was in junior high or middle school. I need to be sure I know where it is.
Monogirl had the best suggestions. And how great is it that your hat has a new audience among steampunkers.
Who run the estate sales you visit? Are most established organized companies or is there a mix of families and small sale organizers? Around here we only have 3 professional companies running estate sales.


Great finds this weeks Selena. I don't have any details for you I'm afraid but the hat is amazing. Hope you manage to find out more about it and make a good sale!


Wow -- coolness on the Stetson and I just love the little watercolor. I'll bet you find fab things in your neck of the woods at estate sales!


My husband concurs with Monogirl on the Stetson. He called it a round derby. You found a real treasure there!


Great finds!!! You are too lucky!!!

Lynn @ Secondhand Firsthand

I would call it a Derby as posters said above or a Bowler Hat. Fedoras, if they've lost their shape, would be pointier.

Love the artwork. I never slow down enough to look at the artwork. Luckily my little sister is quite the artist, so we take advantage of her frequent art purges. :)

Kym Brockwell

Hello from Queensland, Australia !
I discovered you by accident yesterday. I bought a duvet-cover from one of my local "op-shops" (that's short for opportunity - what we call thrift-shops here) which looked quite Cath Kidston-esque. It didn't look the same quality & had an IKEA label inside. I googled Cath & Ikea, & came up with your blog - & now I know the duvet-cover is indeed a Cath Kidston design. Thanks for the help !! I thought my friend & I were pretty experienced thrift shoppers, but I have to say we couldn't hold a candle to you !! You are truly the Master.
By the way, I agree the hat is a derby, it looks like the one Gene Barry wore when he was Bat Masterson in the old T.V. series.
I'll have to look in on you again & happy recycling, ladies.


Terrific finds! I love that lady bug wallet. That hat is awesome.

one gal's trash

Hi Selena,
The little watercolor was my favorite of your stash. I just posted about the best kind of art...pieces made from recycled stuff & dumpster finds...gorgeous!


WOW! You really have an eye for great stuff!

I went to house today, where the lady was clearing out her (deceased) mother's stuff. She thought everything was worth like a million dollars because it was "old". Then she decided to not sell me half of the pile of old photos I picked out, all of them were of unknown people, because she wanted to start doing genealogy...



I'm completely in love with that art print! Beautiful finds, as always! So jealous of all the valuable art you keep uncovering.

Robin ;-)

I love the Stetson hat find. My grandma used to work in the Stetson factory in St. Joseph, Missouri(it is now closed which is sad). I wish she was still alive because I am sure she would be able to identify your hat. Anyway, I went to the Stetson website and it looks similar to the derby they make today:
I bet if you sent them a picture, they would be able to identify it for sure. Great find Selena!


You have Fauna and Flora of the Pacific and I have Native Dwellings and Native Means of transportation by Miguel Covarrubias. Love the new one- at first I thought that was the one that you had already- they look similar.


Hi Selena - I LOVE that sweet Mitchell painting...that's my favorite! The photo reminds me of Ansel Adams...
I found a pair of Tory Burch slides this weekend at Goodwill for $10 - they're selling between $100-150 on eBay (wish me luck!).
Still working on figuring out the whole blog thing...
Have a wonderful week...


love that hat - and its box! i was at a fundraising fair this weekend that i'll blog about later this week. found a few great doo-dads but nothing like what you seem to consistently find when you're out and about. you're amazing!


My husband absolutely loves this hat. When I showed it to him, he told me to think of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. It reminds him of the the hat that Paul Newman wore. That being said, maybe a 1930's Bowler Hat?

Lucky you! Thanks for sharing all of your wonderful finds with us!

cheap nfl jerseys

I went to house today, where the lady was clearing out her (deceased) mother's stuff. She thought everything was worth like a million dollars because it was "old".

I'd love to add my thrifting finds but i'm having some trouble. i signed in with typepad and inlinkz and still no luck let me know if i'm doing something wrong. i am new to blogging! I do love your blog!

Molly Stevens

I really love old vintage dresses, clothing and accessories! You found a ton of great things! I especially like the ladybug wallet. I am always looking for new things to add to my collection- looks like you had some great finds!

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