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June 03, 2011



I don't have a collection of umbrellas, but I do have a favorite one that I've had since I went off to college. It has a beautiful red paisley pattern and a wood handle. I love it!

Patty Ashworth

My grandmother started a collection of penny candy scoops. When you went into a general store and they had all the little candy in a jar, and you asked for a penny's worth, the little scoop was used and the candy put into a bag or paper. then my mother added to it and gave it to me. Most people think they are little barrels for toothpicks.

Mom also started collecting the intaglio salt dishes. Very small with an ecthed picture on the bottom.

Then I started collecting sock darners. No one fixes a hole in the sock anymore. One young girl asked me what I was going to do with the masher? She thought it was for mashing something up in the kitchen. I love the wood and the different shapes.

Other sewing supplies are interesting and I seem to pick those up.



I immediately thought of you when I saw this:



Aw some beautiful umbrellas there. I don't like umbrellas really - living in London the commuters tend to walk with them and try to poke you in the groin with the end. Our streets are so crowded that we get bashed in the head with them too. Saying that - they always look so pretty. Have you ever seen this shop: It's such a treasure trove!


I do have one of those clear plastic bubble umbrella's from the 70' know you walk along looking through them. Fun!

My friends and I decided that 6 of something was a collection. So apparently I collect books, paintings...and Holly Hobbie china.
Don't judge...I'm a seventies girl.


I am not sure you can be called a collector until you have actually acquired something. Before then it may just be an obsession.

My big trouble with collections is that when I packed them all up to move many of them stayed packed. At lest I know they are safe, but what is the point unless one displays and enjoys a collection.

How often are you runing this meme?

Annie/Helen Hartman

Long reign the queen of umbrella collecting! They are really cool. Can just imagine them hanging decoratively in a hallway for a cheery display.


I'm impressed with your collection, I just never encounter vintage umbrellas! All of the patterns you show here are gorgeous!

Orchid Grey

These are beautiful! I love all the different fabrics.

on another note, we’re doing a clothing swap sponsored by in your area at the end of June and I would love to see you there!

Designer Clothing

I love that you can collect something as an idea without owning a single item.

Betty Boop Figurines

Fight off dirt and dust build-up by handling your figures carefully. If they do get dirty, most figures can be cleaned by letting them soak in warm soapy water and scrubbing gently with a soft-bristled toothbrush.

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