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July 11, 2011



For the surface rust, I just use a sandpaper block, sandpaper wrapped around a sponge. I sand until I see fresh clean metal then either spray paint or just spray a clear coat on it to stop new rust. I have also used Naval Jelly to remove rust on hard to sand metal objects. Good luck.


I've used coke and aluminum foil for the surface rust on my daughters bike. Crumple up a small piece of the foil. Dip it in dome coke and scrub the rust. We sealed it with a clear coat. Good luck :)


Hey Selena! I agree, summer is flying by too fast. We have long summers where we live, but I want to squeeze in more beach trips and adventures before summer leaves!

You've created a little reselling/vintage expert in Keiran! You must be proud. Your posts about thrifing with him remind me to drag my nieces and nephews out with me, they would -love- thrifting...because they love anything their eccentric aunt does ;)

And of course, perfect finds as always. Jealous of your Lyon Cortez set, it's beautiful.

Nostalgic in Maine

So glad to see you back here :-) Looking forward to having a 9-going-on-20 conversation with my son too. He is pretty patient coming along with me to the various thrift stores, but mostly because he knows he will get a toy or trinket out of it too.

Love your flatware, and I feel a bit similar with the Jens Quistgaard flatware I stumbled upon a couple of months ago at Goodwill ( It is quite resellable too, but I love it, so I keep my investment in my flatware drawer too :-)

Looking forward to reading more of your Monday posts - missed you!

Vintage Scapes

Beautiful finds all around! It's fun to hear of your little apprentice, he has a great teacher. As for the rust(if chrome lies beneath it), I've used white vinegar and crumpled aluminum foil and it works pretty well. I've read that oxalic acid works but I haven't tried it myself. I've used Barkeeper's friend (which contains oxalic acid) on brass and it works wonders.

Good Luck!

Shopping Golightly

Wait! Okay. Have my coffee. Mr. Golightly and I are stripping, sanding and staining four gorgeous circa, 1920's casement windows in our bedroom before we paint - over 10.5 feet of windows. I usually do what Shana does but saw a product during of my many trips to le hardware store that is in a spray and strips off rust. Have no idea of how it works but made a mental note.

The generations before us in our home were prolific, crappy painters. They painted over everything including door/window hinges. We've a huge fireplace that had painted over tiles. I stripped those tiles to find gorgeous Van Briggle tiles!

Despite all the home projects, I managed to get to the thrift and add more items for my daughters back to school trunk show.

Oh! At the ARC on South Broadway in Denver there are five wooden folding chairs with a needle point tapestry that are ANCIENT! Really, really ancient. There awaiting purchase for $100 a chair. Too rich for my blood, but I know the are worth so much more.

Will send photos of our project once finished.


Is it possible that rooster came in a red and orange version? I may still have one packed away somewhere.
I know I had those chairs in my first apartment. They were from a friend's father's waiting room.

Sounds as if you have good advice on the rust. You may be able to soften it up a bit first with some CLR, follwed by a coke and foil scrub.
When all else fails, hit it with WD40 - nothing that can not handle. (Maybe with a duck tape chaser?)

Sound as if you are having a full but fun summer. We are having heat or torrential rains, not much inbetween.

NowSoLA Vintage

Hey Selena, great to see you back this week. I'm with the others on the rust removal. I've just used some very fine grit sandpaper on some smaller spots on the metal legs of a sturdy chair...but the aluminum foil sounds a little safer for not scratching. Thats great that you can host a yard sale & go thrift at the same time. My honey would never go for that one...LOL.
Love the finds this week. The Bitossi pieces are fantastic & your lucky to have found so much of your silverware!
Cheers ~ Lara

the cape on the corner

whoa-that flatware is awesome!

Into Vintage

Ever since you posted about the Lyon Cortez flatware months ago, it's been on that (long!) mental list I have of things to look for on the behalf of others while out thrifting. You must have been thrilled to find more of it --I haven't come across any yet.

And I sure wish I had someone like Keiran shopping with me - his help must be priceless! :-)


Great retro those turquoise chairs! Thanks for the party!!!

Deana Wood

I am so in love with your blog and this link up! It is great to see what everyone finds. I will admit I keep coming back again and again to see the latest postings. Thanks for lettimg me linkup!


welcome back Selena, i've missed you! great post - so cool that Kieran is truly developing an eye for thrift and reselling. inspiring! i spent the weekend celebrating my son's 19th birthday at a music festival in vancouver. did a teeny bit of thrifting but not alot. love the chairs - will be interested to hear what you did to deal with the rust; you've got some interesting suggestions here!


Those chairs are bee-you-tee-ful! It's good to see you back!- Although I've laid pretty low myself this summer so I'm glad to see I haven't missed much!


that vase and rooster are great! congrats on the finds.

i don't know much about rust, but my mr. clean magic eraser has been great for cleaning up all sorts of thrifted objects, like the blue seats on the chairs you just bought.

Becky Pries

Hi Love your blog but I can not see where your button is to add to my sidebar. Am I missing something? thanks


You're back! I'm soooooooo glad I missed you.
in New Zealand


I love the color on those chairs, love love love it! And an unbelievable price too!
I hope you're having a nice summer, but I will admit I miss your blogposts very much. You're my only thrifting friend apart from DH!



Those chairs are fantastic!

Mark Lee

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Great find on the chairs - what a steal! I've been out of town for a week so no thrifting for me. Can't wait to get back on the hunt!


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