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July 25, 2011



Hi Selena! I've been missing your posts this summer, so it was so nice to see this one! I too have been mourning the tragic events in Norway,even though i don't have any connections there. It's unbelievable what a person can be capable of.
I love your mixing bowls and i can't believe your luck with artwork!What a find! You must just have a sixth sense for stuff like this. Good for you! i hope you're enjoying your summer otherwise.


I was sad to read about what happened in Norway, too. It's known for being such a safe place, I had to double check the headline to ensure I wasn't crazy!

The finds you've shared (including the flag!) are beautiful. I loooove the painting and the pretty nesting bowls with the sweet bit of history thrown in for good measure!

Vintage Scapes

I am also in shock at what happened in Norway. Such a senseless act where innocent lives were taken. My heart goes out to all of the families affected by the events, I can't even begin to imagine...


Gorgeous flag. Gorgeous country.

Rachel (Hounds in the Kitchen)

I don't have a post but walked in the horrible heat to the thrift store with my five year old today. She found tap shoes that fit and I spent 25 cents on a bundt pan I need for a recipe I'm making Friday. So glad I don't have to buy new!

Charlene Austin

It really is horrible what happened. My heart is sad.

Deana Wood

It is shocking, & sad. I long for simpler times when our children were safe & free to play outside until the lights came on. Now they aren't even safe at schools, camp, daycares. :(


I also love Norway--so sad...such tragedy in a beautiful place. Thanks for hosting, I love clicking around!


Hello friend. Have missed your posts but realize you are doing JUST what you should be doing; taking care of yourself and your needs.
I never can understand how such horrible events can happen in the world. People can be so wonderful, kind and thoughtful and some people can be so full of hate and damaged. We can only send our thoughts, prayers and best wishes to all those who are suffering. Hope you can heal soon, too.


So sad to hear of the events in Norway.
Violence is never the answer.


Those bowls are exactly like the set I have. Mine were a wedding present to my parents in 1961 and we found them in the attic last summer, still in the box they came in with the gift ribbon still in tact!

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