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August 29, 2011


Mel Free

It's funny, because sometimes it is the last thing I look at that I get excited to buy! I will look & look & find nothing & is a little jewel hiding & just waiting to be found! :) And, then sometimes I don't find anything for quite a while & then bamm..I find everything, which is sometimes VERY overwhelming! I guess that is just the nature of thrifting, garage saleing, Sal-Valing?..But, I do enjoy it, so I just keep on..waiting for my next treasure! :)


I have been having a terrible month and sometimes I just wander around and hope that the mere activity of thrifting will help.


sorry for the anxiety and stress. I'm sure the thrifting gods will be kind to you next week :-)
btw how's the print like?

Selena Cate

The print is by the artist Charles Bragg. Its a great find really for the cost. Id rather have had a trunk load of things but at least I got something of value and something interesting.
xoxo Selena


I hope your luck turns around soon! I've noticed the same thing: when life is out-of-sorts and chaotic, my thrifting is out of whack and I don't score goodies. Never fails.

Perhaps there ARE thrift forces that surround us.


I have had that happen many a time. I find when things are overwhelming me and my mind is focused on something else, I will never have a good thrifting weekend.

I am sure next week will be awesome. thats the best part of thrifting, there will always be another sale.


i didn't find much either - a cool sweater that i can't wait to wear but right now it's too hot. i did blog about back to school stuff and this week will blog about my son's move to university and the great thrift things he and his room mate have been gathering all summer.
we're renoing our back yard and i have found it EXTREMELY stressful. my whole life revolves around lists and deadlines that i meet and check off. but a reno is not like that: it's plan, demolish, find surprises, try and deal with them. maybe that's what my list should be - LOL! thinking of you - and of everyone on the east coast too!

Steph @ The Silly Pearl

Hope you get your thrifting mojo back soon, and the anxiety subsides!


I actually did have a great find but the computer is being a bugger and I only got to post a brief "hello and how are you."
Even now I am taking forever to get a comment written.
Still, I am grateful we had wonderful weather and I was out enjoying free events and nice people.
Next weekend is another villagewide sale south of me. Even if I don't want to spend the gas to get there the thrill of the hunt beckons.


Sending you good thrift vibes for next week -- and the title of your post reminded me of the old Charlie Brown Halloween special. "I got a rock."

Clydia Kay

I know exactly what you mean! Here lately every time I find something...well it's already sold!

Shopping Golightly

Eh. We have our dry spells. It's part of that balance thingy in life. It's been too hot in Denver to even think of a vacation to the mountains. The trek across the parkway to the car would be torture. Today was below 90 so I did get out and scored EXACTLY what I needed to find, eight skeens of beautiful yarn to get me on my next meditative knitting project for the holidays. That and a small wooden plaque that reads "I HAVE FLYING MONKEYS and I'm not afraid to use them". Normally I don't fall for that stuff and thought about just printing it and laminating the paper. But this was simple, not over done, and it's EXACTLY how this heat makes me feel. It also makes me feel all-mighty. I mean, command over flying monkeys? THAT's some serious mojo. I shall send my mojo your!

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