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September 26, 2011



Georg Jensen...Wow!!!


The ice bucket is such a wonderful find! I can really relate to todays blog. I have a hard time parting with some items and shipping can be painful. There are some things that I just can't resist like vintage suitcases. My sister flat-out told me not to buy any more. It's hard to ship them, so I can't list them online, and our antique booth doesn't have the space. I need to focus on small stuff too.

Shopping Golightly

I love iitallia glass. See it so often at thrift stores. I don't think most people realize it's value. I balked on two pitchers last week for $3 each. Had I set up my online store, I would have swiped them. And, we have water pitchers so I didn't need them. Funny how much valuable stuff I pass on the shelves of thrift.

This week was focused on Halloween. The girls picked up their costumes for a song. Will post that later.

Petite Poet's first high school homecoming is coming up and she insisted she did not want a thrift store dress for this occasion. To my good fortune I found her a new dress at the thrift that she completely loves. Thrift seems to always pull through.

As for your post a week or so ago about what else ATG Monday posting could be, I'd like to follow up with my comment and declare that I stuck to my intention of making Sundays a day of rest. It was awesome!


I always wish I knew more about mid century home furnishings! I'm always afraid to spring for things that I don't know much about. Maybe time to finally break down and get a smart phone ;)


i totally hate shipping large items! i have a mid century corded chair i'd like to sell. I'm a bit far away from Seattle, so i haven't found anyone locally who digs it. I guess it could go on Etsy but then I'd have to ship it!! lol.
I'm just working on building some Seattle contacts for now.

The ice bucket is awesome! i wish i found Dansk every weekend. Must be a California thing. :)

Selena Cate

Renee, Im going to do a post soon on my other blog about some great resources for learning about Mid Century Modern. Ill make sure to link up to it on Facebook when it is live. :-)


Thanks Selena that would be great!

Shannon: I'm with you I don't see nearly as much mid-century goodness on the east coast as all the west coast bloggers seem to find all the time. Maybe it's just Delaware ;)

Faith Hope and Charity Shopping

You always find such amazing things. There just isn't the same culture of sales here - estate sale wise at least - and the calibre of items is completely different. Obviously there is the odd item lurking, but I really notice a difference in what North American based thrifters find and what we end up with! However, that's not to say I'd be any good at recognising a valuable item...

Love the ice-bucket. Have you ever seen any girly glasses (drinking) on your travels? I fell in love with a set (on my post) but they were way too expensive to really justify...

Selena Cate

These glasses are sometimes called Keyhole Girl Glasses. Here is a link to a couple listings:
That might help your search for them.
Ive never seen them before but they are certainly intriguing. If I find some Ill let you know.


BEAUTIFUL finds and photos, as always. The antler chandelier is my favorite, so beautiful and unique! I hate shipping large items too, I always try them locally first!


I love the cutting board and knife, unusual.


I thought of you last night as I was watching PanAm. What did you think? :)

Selena Cate

Lol, I was asleep when it was on. Im much more a morning girl but cant wait to watch it tonight on Tivo. I must admit that I was disappointed with the Playboy Club. Did you watch it? Thoughts?

A La Modern

Wow, fantastic find on the Georg Jensen! I still haven't found any of his work at thrifts, or even at any estates. Good to know that there's always that possibility of finding one!


The ice bucket is beautiful and I bet it feels really soft in your hands (I always love when in wooden items), the shape is awesome too.
And those sales with the sour old people, I so know what you mean. Been at a few of those, we have them here in Holland too. They keep calling old nasty stuff "antiques" when clearly it's not. Hate it when that happens, but you never know what can happen while thrifting! Our find this weekend was the '80s game "Rattle Me Bones", still in box, for 1,50 euros ($2) for the Halloween party we're planning. Fun all weekend, the kids kept screaming every time it started rattling. :-)



Hi Selena...So good to be reading your posts, again! First...LOL about "checking in" with Share #45...Great photos & all writing in GREEK!! Google translate didn't do so well for me!

Now...onto MCM TV commenting: First, Pan Am...Ummm a clumsy newbie stewardess who's a spy? Not so believable for me. Some of the still shots are so yummy "right on the nose" with clothing details, etc and then the moving picture of the show is a little loose around the edges...Second, Playboy Club...Again, choosing the newbie to be immediately plunged into accidental mob-boss killing intrigue; not so necessary for me. And the not-at-all-sympathetic-to-older-women character of the older bunny/singer/House Bunny is so sharp around her edges, even I, (an over 50) am put off by her! Please get Mad Men back here, pronto!!!

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