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October 02, 2011



I'm IN!! :) I need this challenge, now to just figure out my goals ;)

A La Modern

Great to hear you're bringing back the ReSellers challenge! We had a great experience with the first one you did - building up that inventory really helped months down the road and taught us some lessons on what is possible. Wanted to do this one too, but we're not gonna have the time. But will be watching as you go, and hopefully will get to play in the next one you have.


This sounds like it would fit in with 2 other challenges I'm taking part in. Think I understand ;) I hope so anyway x


Just joining in the thrifty shares, and now I think I'll join in this, too. Why not?! Thanks! ~ Jenny


yeah I really need to join this my closet is bursting with things to sell!!

although I'm having an identity crisis at the moment...there is a position open at the Waldorf Charter School I helped open---I could work there but my free time blogging time thrifting time would be nil...ugh decisions!!


I'm in. Great motivation and sounds like fun


Excited to join for the first time! I already had a pretty good week (just starting selling again in the beginning of September - I used to sell on ebay and amazon years ago, and boy have those fees increased). I will focus on ebay, etsy and craigslist for this challenge.


I've had my two best months ever on Etsy in August and September so I can't wait to see if my upgraded efforts in October reap benefits!


I am excited to have someone to help motivate me. I am ready to go go go !
Thanks for motivating me!


I am getting my stunning inventory together on eBay as gardenkid . I will do at least my free 50! I have quietly done this in the past, Selene, and this time I am PUBLIC! You keep so many of us motivated and I thank you a bunch!


Woo hoo! I'm excited for this challenge! :D I will definitely be taking part!


I'm so excited for this! I am just beginning to try my hand at reselling, I had a great find at the thrift store that jump started me! I haven't listed anything yet so this will be perfect! I cannot wait until Tuesday!


I'm definitely in for this challenge. :) Can't wait!


This is the perfect inspiration. I'm in! Thanks Selena.

Scott Henshaw

I want to join the challenge but don't know what to do. I did list 4 auctions on eBay today to start off.


i'm so excited to do this! does anyone have any suggestions as to how to package artwork-- i feel i have alot of selling potential in that area but i am hesitant because of not knowing how to ship--any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!


Cute new button, I love the little critter, did you draw him?

I'm in! This is perfect for me because I've finally left my full time job and I'm working freelance now, so the funds are now essential! I'm going to create my first eBay sellers account and get to work this week along with the team here :)

Nell's Vintage House

I need this!! Count me in :)


joining in.

i blogged about it...

now i have to set some concrete goals!


I will try to list 5 things this month - but more importantly, I need to revamp at least 5 that are already listed! New pictures, better description! My etsy shop is ready for some reconstruction! I'd love to sell one hundred dollars worth of stuff in the next month!

Katie-Lyn from Gypsy Dust Vintage

Serendipitous! I just found your blog, today. Such fun! I will definitely be joining in.

This month my goal is to list at least 5 new items into my shop (including 1 handmade gift).

I love the collaborative spirit! I'll be blogging about this new venture so please come & read about it. Will check in again, next week!


Whoo! Ok, I'm in too. I haven't sold on ebay yet, but I'll list my pile o'stuff and hopefully make $300 by the end of the month. Now, to break down "list" into the component action items...Thanks for doing this challenge!


My listing challenge is to put 30 new items on to my Etsy Shop. I haven not had much luck with Ebay so I have stayed with
I do have vintage items on my shop. Some have sold but a few others are still there and they are gorgeous.

Sandi Garcia

Listing at my eBay store is on a roll, so I'm giving myself a listing challenge for my Etsy store, VintageHippieChick. My goal is to list 10 new vintage items by November 1st. Thanks, Selena!


I'm in! I'm starting with small goals. I just sat down and *really* assessed my time commitments and feel that a goal of 75 items listed between eBay & Etsy, 35 sold and $100 earned will be a good way to start the ball rolling. I'm glad to be in such good company!

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