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October 10, 2011



Ooooooh a prop sale I'm drooling! I actually got to take my 3 year old to a local church yard sale this weekend and we had a great time. He had 3 dollars of his own money to spend and I was impressed that he actually considered and debated his purchases instead of spending it all on the first thing we saw that he liked. :) I scored a few small items and two booster seats for our cars whoohoo! which was one of the items on my thrift find list.


I can't wait to read more about your whirlwind weekend. :)


Sounds fun and cant wait to see the pics!! I'm linking up!


i've been thrifting abroad too - in Scotland! i just started blogging about that. can't wait to see wht you've found in LA!

Shopping Golightly

Seeing the photo of that prop made me spray iced coffee on my screen! It's like my fat jiggling machine. I can't decide to keep or sell it!

BTW, Vintage Junk in the Trunk, my youngest daughter Piper has that same flour sifter in her vintage kitchen set. It's sifted loads of sand in the sand box for sand cakes!


I would love to thrift in your area of the world and cannot wait to read about the rest of your weekend!

NowSoLA Vintage

Haven't gotten around to photoing my finds from the Rose Bowl yet, but will certainly link up next Mon. Just wanted to say again how much of a pleasure it was meeting up with you 2 beautiful women! I really enjoyed getting to know you both & hope the rest of your trip was a success. I'll look forward to seeing you again soon!
Cheers ~ Lara



I have to thank you. I have been reading your blog for ages, but have never been a thrifter or even thought about thrifting. I just started stopping in at a shop once a week on my way to an appointment. The other day I walked in and everything you have written about popped into my head as I found a couple of amazing vintage McDonald's glassware. I picked up the sets and kept looking ... ended up finding an entire stash from some executives collection. Spent $11.00 and went home to look on ebay and discovered the worth of about $200.00. You made my day and turned me into a thrifter. Love you!


Sounds like an awful lot of fun! That piece you took a picture if very interesting - I imagine Keiran would just love it ;) I like the golden chandelier I spy behind it, but if I had it I'd probably want to paint it white :)

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