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October 03, 2011



BEAUTIFUL finds. I especially love the rare children's books with the "rainbow ink" style. I've never seen anything like it!


BEAUTIFUL finds. I especially love the rare children's books with the "rainbow ink" style. I've never seen anything like it!


The book and the mobile are beautiful, I love the colors. What will you be doing in LA? Just curious. :-)



Great finds, and I love the color coordination of your post from the fabric to the scarf to the bowl etc.
I love it when my Monday morning starts with such a lovely visual post from ATG :-)


Really fabulous finds! I love that mobile. I'm so intrigued by things like that!


Your finds are very beautiful and interesting. I loved the bit about letters from the author found in the gardening books. You are so very knowledgable about these things, so I read your bllog with amazement and wonder what I am missing at the few sales I go to. I realize at this point in my life I just don't have it in me, so I enjoy your finds and cheer you on as you use this method of preserving the old things and getting an income for your family. I would love to spend a week with you, thrifting and going through the sales process. Thank you for your excellent descriptions and large amount of information about your thrifting experiences. You have educated me in an areanof interest, even if I never pursue it, it has given me a lot of appreciation for thrifting!

A La Modern

Very cool finds,and I'll agree with you on feeling "rushed" at certain estate sales. It also takes a lot of the fun out of it. It's been a long time since I've found any Cathrineholm now that it's so expensive. I don't know anything about the mobile, but I seem to recall in grade school or art class they used to do this thing where you fashion a wire and then dip it into a viscuous liquid. That forms a film which then dries. Not saying that yours is a "project", but I just remember doing something like that.

Amy zimmer

Thank you for sharing the beautiful illustrations. You are always so thoughtful to share the sweetness of your haul.


I'm no mobile expert buy yours reminds me of works by artist Alexander Calder.


Yes...Ginny, exactly...Calder mobile! I've not seen a "plastic" one before...however, there may be great ones I don't know about...good eye, Selena...keep checking, it could be a FIND!

Afterall, even these contemporary copies are pricey!

Mid Mod Mom

Great finds, love the mobile too.

Shopping Golightly

Isn't it wonderful how a well loved piece of enamelware holds color and quick catch the eye?

one gal's trash

Hi Selena,
The mobile is wonderful. It reminds me of Alexander Calder.
I remember doing these projects in the 70's. The colored material came in tubes and was very malleable but sticky. You could stretch it over wire and make shapes.
I just posted on the most fabulous vintage cook book ever published!

Cap Creations

Thank you so much for hosting! Wanted to let you know we've started a new thrifty link up over at Cap Creations. We'd love for you and your readers to join us!

Cherry's in the Garden & more

You found some awesome items.. Love, love the children's book.. Happy Monday thank you for hosting the party I have just found your blog and I'm really enjoying looking around..
hugs from Savannah, Cherry


Definitely thought of Calder when I saw the mobile. I love Tasha Tudor, I always thought she would live to be 100. Her items have gone up in value so much since she passed. I found a first edition of her Night before Christmas last week at a Thrift store for $2! Then this weekend I found a bunch of Christmas cards and an unused Advent calendar!I have been looking for her items for years and have never had such luck! I have never seen the stamps, thanks for sharing them because I will be on the lookout for those too!


I'm with the others regarding Alexander Calder mobile. I saw an Antique Road show episode not that long ago and even though it looks quite different it still reminded me of it. Fast forward to the 50 min mark.


Your mobile looks a lot like the Hotchkiss Lumen mobiles! I think the inserts for those are fabric, though. Still being made today, but they've been around for a while ... hope that helps!

Anna Matlock

How do you price and sell Vera scarves, I have acumulated a TON of them from goodwill, but cant seem to figure out how to price them or the best place to sell them...

Selena Cate

a great place to start researching Vera Scarves is doing a completed ebay search. Then you can click on Highest Priced items first to give you and idea of the best selling scarves. I am pretty much an all eBay gal at the moment but I think Vera probably does well on both Etsy and eBay. Seeing what prices are available on both venues and researching what they sold for is probably the best place to start in regards to pricing.


As always my favorite finds of yours are the fabric kind! So much gorgeous fabric out on the West Coast. Such great colors too!


So glad to have found you! What an inspirational blog! I'm dying to see more!

Hope you'll stop on by!


That Vera scarf is beautiful! I'm slightly obsessed with vintage scarves, and I'm always on the hunt for Vera. Great find!


I love the contrast of the blue and orange on the little milk jug! I don't recognise the pattern either but its lovely. Just found your blog through another linky and I'm so glad to find another little community to join :)

Sandy @ RE

Love your finds. And how you group your photos by color! :)

Miss you!

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