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October 17, 2011


Heather @ Tatter and Fray

Wow...$1 Vera scarves?! Awesome find! I'd be in heaven too. :)

NowSoLA Vintage

That is funny that we both tackeled our work spaces this weekend...great minds think alike I suppose :-)
Thanks for the kind words in the Thrift Share post this week. I soooo enjoyed meeting up with you & Teresa, and certainly hope our paths cross again very soon!!!
I guess I need to get cracking & photo my scarves too, man that table certainly was Vera heaven!
Warmest regards ~ Lara


Gorgeous photos! I know you had a blast at that flea market. This weekend I had a party and had to move all my boxes of inventory to the garage out of desperation. I need a day where I can just organize, too. Ah, reselling is tough!


I was struck by your comment about being frugal when perusing the Rose Bowl Flea...Finding a really grrrreat bargain for ATG means stumbling upon someone like your "scarf vendor"...Whereas, seems to me that Flea Mkts, in general are my shopping go-between somewhere between yard/estate sales & retailers. Where the sheer volume of great stuff is a fun exploration!? What a mecca!


The Rose Bowl Flea Market is on my bucket list! Thanks for giving us a peek at the fun! Thanks also for hosting the party each week!


flea markets are so much fun. i love the scarves! I'm definitely going to remember this when, someday, i get to california! i found some great used books in Scotland. check out my blogpost on that!

Deana Wood

Thank you for hosting!


I didnt go out for 2 fridays last week and the week before. I needed to list and organize and get ready for Alameda.

Reselling is hard hard work. I went out this weekend and the office is again a mess. Sigh!

Steph @ The Silly Pearl

That place looks heavenly! Good for you for sticking to your budget. Love those scarves.

I had to make room i.e. kick out my husband's stuff from the closet that he never uses, to store my thrifty finds (that I'm thinking of reselling). So I can imagine your overflow. Best of luck with selling your goods!


That flea market looks fun! Great that you could still find some items for a bargain! :)

On a different note - I'm in the middle of organizing my inventory as you just did. I know what you mean about it feeling like it is getting out of hand. My computer died at the beginning of the month, and so I haven't been able to list any items... but continued to go out and thrift for new things.

I'm trying to sort through everything and organize things so I have separated all the listed items in one area, the photographed items somewhere else, items to be cleaned, and items to be photographed elsewhere. It is certainly a task. I have been taking small breaks by reading a chapter of a book when I get tired.

jeux de cuisine gratuit

So cute !

Karen G @ It's Still Life

Absolutely love those scarves you found. Would love to hear some tips for keeping your inventory from flowing into every corner of your house. Well it isn't that bad, but I am really trying to figure out how to control it before it gets too bad. Thanks.
Karen G


Selena, just wanted to say thanks again. You have given me the courage to stop by the thrift on the way to my appointment, once again. Keep your fingers crossed.

One Gal's Trash

So much C*O*L*O*R! Fabulous!

Tracy @ The Wardrobe Wanderer

certainly looks and sounds like a FUN place to browse around!


I also went to the Rose Bowl Flea Market for the first time ever this month! I have to agree that the prices were much higher than I am used to, but I still made a few purchases. That was what I linked to last week. :)


What an amazing place -justifably famous by the looks of things. I agree with you about being overwhelmed by too much stuff...could that be holding me back from setting up an etsy shop?

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